Demystifying Blogging with Proven Post Types


Have you thought about starting a blog, only to scuttle the notion when you realize you’ll have to keep coming up with new ideas for as long as your blog exists?

That’s a shared fear among many would-be bloggers.

What do you write about? And what happens if you run out of ideas?

These questions can be enough to discourage even the most seasoned souls.

You can just picture yourself…

Scavenging your imagination’s nooks and crannies for dusty but semi-presentable ideas.

Spiraling down the internet’s rabbit hole, hunting for something — anything — that will catch and hold your audience’s attention.

There’s a better way.

How do I know this?

I had my own aha moment while working through AWAI’s How to Write Blogs for Yourself and for Clients (hosted by our very own managing editor, Heather Robson).

Heather clued me in on a simple secret that revived my inspiration from a dry riverbed of no ideas into a raging river of ideas that I can pick and choose from.

What’s the secret?

Answer: Proven Post Types.

What Are Proven Post Types?

These are well-known structures for blog posts… ones that you’ll see over and over again when reading through blogs in any industry. These writing formulas are “proven” because they successfully draw readers. And they do that because these posts resonate with the readers’ desire to learn, experience, and explore.

Proven Post Type Examples

Heather teaches six post types in the blogging program. I provide examples below for four of the six that resonate with me as a writer.


The how-to is the most straightforward type — one I’m sure you’ve encountered many times.

It takes a concept, idea, or activity and gives concise steps for how to do it.

Some examples of how-to ideas…

“How to Write Captivating Content Without Going Cross-Eyed”

“How to Prune Raspberry Bushes so You Get More Fruit Next Year”

“How to Make an Apple Pie that Will Wow Your Mother-in-Law”

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Erin Fedeson

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