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Can you really write from anywhere? Anytime? Take a laptop to the beach, the mountains, or a hotel lobby?

That was a question mark for me, since I’d never actually tried to write while I was on the road before. Usually I leave my laptop and all my writing accessories at home.

However, for my first trip through the beautiful state of Wyoming, I decided to try taking my work on the road with me.

I’m not going to call it travel writing, since that would mean writing about travel, and that’s an entirely different niche. I didn’t review any hotels or endorse any restaurants, and I actually did very little “touristy”-type stuff.

I just did my regular copywriting work from a hotel room.

Prepping to Write While Traveling

It’s one thing to envision getting a couple of hours of writing time in while seeing a piece of the world and having a lot of fun. But when you actually think about the practical stuff, there are some interesting considerations.

Know what you need

One reason I set up a home office instead of just working on the couch is that I like to have everything I need within arm’s reach:

  • headphones
  • external keyboard
  • mouse
  • business books
  • lights
  • power cord

When you’re traveling, you can’t take it all, and what you do take needs to be manageable.

COTG Tip #1 — That stands for “copywriting on the go,” in case you were wondering. Everything you take for writing must fit in your laptop case. (My exception to this rule was my lap desk, because hotel desks are bad for writing posture.) When you reduce what you take with you down to the essentials, it gives you more flexibility… and less to carry.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Thank you for your insights. It would be good to see more about the nuts & bolts of long-term writing on the road and staying connected.

  • Nicely written, Suzanna! And quite true on many points, especially about travel making you feel more positive. There is life beyond the keyboard and computer screen!

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