Reality Blog: Balancing Copywriting Schedules with Chronic Health Problems

Working from anywhere, even the floor

My hope is that the majority of the Wealthy Web Writer community won’t have any use for this article.

I speak from experience when I say chronic health problems are miserable.

I’ve met folks who live with mildly irritating chronic health issues. And others who have health problems that are completely debilitating.

My chronic health problem falls right in the middle. Even when they were at their worst, my migraine headaches didn’t completely incapacitate me.

Nowadays, the migraines are mostly under control, but they still create limits.

  • I can’t realistically take a 9-to-5 job.

  • Working super-long hours isn’t really an option for me.

  • Sometimes, I have to avoid rough-and-tumble games like tug-of-war. That will make more sense farther in…

I wish perfect health was the rule for myself and for everyone. But the truth is that all of us who struggle with a chronic issue have to find our own limits, solutions, and balances.

With that being said, these basic principles have helped me handle my problems over the years and allowed me to become reasonably successful.

Mentally Settle In for the Long Haul

This might be the harshest lesson the years have taught me. I would love a future completely free of migraines. And maybe that day will come. But for now, it helps to understand that chronic problems are defined by their long-term nature.

Typically I find that my life is better if I take the headaches and other symptoms into account ahead of time.

Always Prioritize Your Health

It’s tempting to sacrifice my health in the name of getting things done, but I’ve learned there’s always a price to pay for it. You may decide getting in an extra hour of work or hitting a tough deadline is imperative today. But if pushing yourself too hard today means you have to pay for it tomorrow… at least make sure you schedule time tomorrow to rest. Only you can decide if the trade-off is worth it.

Don’t Use Health as an Excuse

This one exists in tension with making your health a priority.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Thanks for the excellent blog, Suzanna. I live with a spinal cord injury, which is worsening with age, so I have to take that into account whenever I accept an assignment and set deadlines for myself. I, too, am in awe of Jon Morrow. It’s amazing what he has accomplished in spite of monumental challenges. Thanks again for the great advice.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Robert! I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this problem, but I know that you will overcome in life. Best wishes,

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