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Why do you get up in the morning, schlep yourself down the stairs, turn on the coffeemaker and the laptop, and start writing?

In that moment of gummy eyes, aching bones, and a foggy brain, why are you there?

Our Shared “Why”

Many of my past articles have dealt with the importance of having that “why.” Especially having a “why that makes you cry,” if I may hijack the industry lingo. It’s such an important concept as a self-employed freelancer because when there’s no outside force to make you perform — a boss, a monthly paycheck — then you need a really powerful internal force.

I think many copywriters share the same big, long-term “why.”


  • … from the gray cubicle
  • … to serve and help others
  • … to have some fun
  • … to grow and become our best selves
  • … to really live

Each of us has a slightly different vision of what freedom means. Some of us might want to buy a mountain sanctuary, others might want to travel. Some of us have a family member who needs help; others of us just want more time to pursue the things we enjoy.

But in the end, it’s all about freedom.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Really enjoyed this, Suzanna. I’ve been thinking about my “why” a lot lately, in general and also because I submitted an entry to the Barefoot Writer August challenge on that topic. Not the winner. Ah well.

    I also know very clearly how much having a strong “why” has motivated me at other times in my life and

    I’m working on pulling that energy into my life today.
    Thank you!

    • Thanks for commenting Bridget! I always love to know if an article/idea is helpful, and I hope this one is helpful for you for a long time. Congrats on submitting for a challenge! I’ve submitted for lots of Barefoot Writer prompt challenges myself, and have never won. I always see it as clearing my schedule for the next win 🙂
      Best wishes!

  • Hello Suzanna
    Thank You for sharing…the “Why” resonates something in my heart and mind-so I plan to try it and use it.
    I think writing about it daily is a great way to feel inspired to start fresh and inspired to keep building upon learning, earning, and making my Writer’s Life the way I vision it CAN and WILL be.

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