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I had a disappointing moment recently.

There was a project I was looking forward to. I thought I had it in the bag. But then it fell through.

You know how it is when that happens… you second-guess everything. Did I bid too high? Did I come on too strong? Should I have played it cooler?

Every time a disappointment like that comes up, it puts you at a crossroads.

You can zero in on that negative feeling and how to prevent it in the future. Or you can reflect on the entire situation, honestly assessing what you did well and what you might do differently in the future, and giving yourself credit for taking a risk.

The first path is tempting. If you can find a way to avoid disappointment, then you won’t have to feel that rejection… that blow to your confidence.

But the only sure way to avoid those feelings is to avoid the risk that leads to them.

And if you avoid those risks, sure, you avoid that moment of disappointment, but you also avoid the good things that come from taking risks.

A year down the road, I can almost promise you you’ll be more disappointed by the risks you didn’t take.

Being open to disappointment — knowing you might fail and trying anyway — that’s how good things happen.

That’s how opportunity finds you.

It’s also how you grow and learn new things.

As you build your business, learn to recognize the disappointments as badges of honor, as signs of your courage, and as chances to learn. When an opportunity presents itself, your choices are to try or not to try.

Choose to try!Disappointment isn’t necessarily a negative emotion. It’s an unpleasant one, for sure. But it’s part of the process.

If you try to avoid disappointment in your business, you won’t get very far… and if you do, it won’t happen very fast.

Rather than trying to avoid it, lean into it. Ask yourself what risk you took that led to it. And what you’ve learned from it. Above all, give yourself credit for taking a risk!

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Heather Robson

Heather Robson

Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

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