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A Personal Breakdown of the In-Person Vs. Virtual Bootcamp Experience

After AWAI’s 2020 Bootcamp was canceled, we’ve had to wait nearly two years, with multiple pushed-back dates and changes of plans. But it arrived at last! AWAI’s 2021 Bootcamp!

Before I get started on details of what was different about the virtual livestream Bootcamp versus the in-person event, I just want to take a second to say thank you to the AWAI team — both the presenters and the Tech Hero Team who made everything work.

Bootcamp is the biggest, best copywriting event of the year — and despite the challenges of putting it on virtually, it was bigger, better, and more satisfying than anyone could have hoped for.

Having recently dipped my toes into the great pool of live video presentations, I’ve got a renewed sense of awe and respect for how incredibly hard it is to make everything work with such seeming effortlessness.

Congratulations, thank you, and best wishes from all of us attendees to the entire team at AWAI!

Was the Apple or the Apple Better?

Anytime you go around comparing apples to apples, you’re bound to find some pros and cons. When you take an event like Bootcamp that’s built around the same ideas and needs as before, but present it in a new format, you’ll discover benefits and drawbacks to the changes.

A lot of people said this Bootcamp was the best ever — and I agree.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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