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I’ve always enjoyed stories about daredevil pilots. From the incredibly heroic feats of the air forces in the two world wars to tales of smugglers in developing countries, airplanes have been at the heart of some amazing acts of valor, adrenaline, and stupidity.

One thing common to all those daredevil stories is the concept of flying below the radar.

The benefit for pilots flying below the radar is that they avoid being detected by the enemy.

But other dangers multiply.

Pilots have to navigate obstacles like mountains, and even trees, when they are flying low. And, although they might avoid detection by the enemy’s radar, they might also encounter hostile forces directly below them. If that happens, then they have a fairly decent chance of getting shot at — and quite possibly hit.

Why Fly Below Life’s Radar?

As I finished up my 21-day challenge this month, I got to thinking about those stories of flying below the radar and realized that, business-wise, I’ve been flying below the radar line for a long time — and in terms of being a freelancer, that’s not a good thing!

In business, especially the business of being a freelancer, the goal is to fly squarely in the radar zone where we can be seen as a writer by our potential clients. That way, our little copywriting plane makes a blip on the readout of the CEO, marketing director, or copy chief who makes the hiring decisions.

Which leads me to my latest 21-day challenge update.

Another 21 days have passed under the bridge, another challenge has been issued (by me to me) and run its course.

Those of you who are following closely know that my latest 21-day challenge was all about pitching. You also know that it is a repeat challenge, since I fell a little short of meeting my goal of 25 cold pitches in the last challenge.

So, this time around, I set the goal to reach 50 cold pitches, counting the pitches that I sent last month.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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  • Pilots also have to watch out for getting caught up in the ground rush when they are flying low. It can cause you to fly right into the ground.

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