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You’re invited to step inside my mind.

Fair warning: My brain is currently mushy, dizzy, exhausted, and jubilant. My thoughts and emotions are jumping all over the place.

That’s what happens when a mind is truly open. What has me in this state?

The AWAI Bootcamp, of course.

I’m not one of those people who believes in living life with an open mind. Or in living life with a closed mind, for that matter.

Rather, I believe that “there’s a time to open your mind, and a time to narrow your focus.”

Knowing when you need which approach opens you up to experience many of the best things in life.

True Meaning of “Reality”

I freely admit that I took a big risk last week. Knowing that Bootcamp was coming, I was tempted to prepare a useful web writing article on Monday so that I wouldn’t be writing this during the event.

But I’m your Reality Blogger, and I decided to bring you my reality from Bootcamp week.

To that end, this isn’t going to be a coherent article.

Instead, I’m going to share my top takeaways from the Bootcamp fire hose. A raw, unfiltered, pure download of information, emotion, and inspiration. (And these are only the top selections out of my more than 60 pages of notes!)


These are the takeaways that were “aha” moments for me. When they occurred (or reoccurred), each struck me so powerfully that I felt it could change everything for me (if one caveat was fulfilled first — more on that at the end).

Conversation is not a campaign.

Start here, go anywhere!

Getting a mentor is NOT optional.

I’m ready to start transitioning [to the next level of my business].

Stop being afraid of myself.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there…

Own your desires and decisions.

Just because you started somewhere doesn’t mean you have to stay there!!

UN is the prefix of choice this year… UNmarketing… UNfollow…

Present your finished work as a big deal… the ta-da!

Creator economy mindset

Freelance business is the foundation. Expect to grow, and expect that growth to grow your freelance business!

Nothing in business is all rainbows and unicorns. Pick the dark clouds and trolls you can live with, and plan ahead for them in order to find the rainbows and roses.

Relatability, conversational abilities are marketable, sellable skills!

Make it dumb not to buy. What is the cost of not buying? (Also in terms of self-marketing)

Deliberately engineer the powerful story that will drive your sales copy.

Curiosity can be a service!

Everything’s made up, so I can make up my own thing too!

Million-dollar copywriters favor 10 cent words.

It’s not about the most, but the best.

There’s a discipline of excellence for effective short-form copy.

Not talking points, pivot points.

If you have limited time, spend it commenting and sharing on LinkedIn, rather than posting.

Your personal profile is the home of your personal brand.

An incremental step in your career can become monumental because of the connections it results in.

The “U” in “CUBA” is more about what feels wrong than what you’d get sued for.

Nothing you see that’s “perfect” started out that way.

“You” is a very specific individual… just like “me.”

Will write for freedom. (I decide what that is, which means I’m not just writing!) (2 loves)

Knowing your market is key!!

Human beings are hardwired to respond to stories!

“Engage, not impress!”

50 is not old — NO age is old if it’s the right age for your copy.

You can’t force the market to respond, your job is to follow what the market wants!

You don’t have to be the best in the world.

Really serious writers are really serious about policing their own time.

Keep a victory log.

Brag about yourself to help others.

Focusing on your needs is DEATH!


These were the moments that kind of rocked me back on my heels… moments and ideas that didn’t just turn on a light bulb, but pivoted the way I view the copywriting world.

“I hire them because I like what they do.”

“Copy is a commodity, you are not.”

Sign-up numbers are not your audience, action-takers are your audience!

Warm ’n’ fuzzy is a genuine business consideration!

Don’t chase around for who will pay me, look for those who need my benefits…

Copywriters are the gods — I could get used to that.

Read to the end, or at least to the part where NO ONE else gets to…

Umbrella Niche with its own sub-niches!!

Don’t forget the people who know nothing

Lists are people too! Love it.

A month ago is like forever… What was cool then is old school now.

I can too!

Not knowing everything is super-valuable as a business tactic!

The Market Value of an Open Mind

So there you have it. Pages and pages and pages of takeaways, tips, truths, insights, and genuine wisdom. And those words aren’t even the tip of the iceberg of my personal takeaways, more like the glint of sunlight on the tip of the iceberg.

And what are all those things worth?

Nothing! Not one sentence is going to randomly pick itself up and change my life, my business, my hopes and dreams.

Okay, clarification. Those takeaways are worth nothing without one additional ingredient.


It’s easy to sit there at Bootcamp and learn from the greats. It’s fun to open your mind and take in as much information and inspiration as possible. And it’s smart to do that once in a while.

The risk is in not taking action on what you learn.

All of those light-bulb and jaw-drop moments mean something to me. I’m going to pursue that meaning with action. Only then can I take all that wonderful, precious emotion and wisdom and turn it into progress and success.

Once I have a long nap, get outside the house on the weekend, and let my brain resolidify, I will step back from my open mind and carefully narrow my focus…

I will take action!

How about you?

P.S. Again, please share your favorite hashtags, takeaways, or Bootcamp experiences in the comments — I’d like to see what everyone else thought!

Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald


  • Nothing happens without action.
    Next skill, next action EVERYDAY.
    One step at a time.
    Bootcamp was awesome 👏

  • Suzanna, I was literally smiling the whole time I read this blog. 🙂

    It has been a great two weeks at Bootcamp!

    My favorite takeaway is something that Terri said…

    “Think of every piece of copy as a love letter.”

    That one really hit home.

    And the #JawDrop moment that stands out the most to me is:

    “I hire them because I like what they do.”

    I’ve been keeping that in mind as I reach out to marketers I’m interested to work with.

    Let’s continue rocking it and all the best!


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