Reality Blog: They Said Yes… Uh-Oh!

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I think probably every freelancer has been in the situation of panicking over getting the “yes” at least once.

You work so very hard to create a perfect pitch, find the right editor or copy chief to send it to, send it, and follow up, follow up, follow up.

And then, they say yes!

That happy/frantic moment is a crazy mix of adrenaline, excitement, relief, and despair. On the one hand you’re thrilled to have landed the project, and on the other you’re not sure if you can actually do what you promised to do.

Can I Deliver?

Ideas are a lot easier to come up with than the finished project.

Sometimes, though, the execution of the idea is even harder than you thought it was going to be. Maybe you don’t really have the experience and you’re facing a steep learning curve. Or you’ve done one project you thought was similar, but the new project is turning out to be significantly different.

Sometimes what happens is that you submit a bunch of pitches all together — and you get used to rejection. And then, suddenly, you get a yes. Or maybe you get several yeses, right on top of each other.

That’s what happened to me recently.

I’ve been faithfully sending out all these pitches. And I’ve gotten a few yeses. But they’ve been comfortably spaced out so that I haven’t had to meet a bunch of deadlines all at once.

But last week, that all changed. A bunch of my pitches were accepted all at the same.

And now I’ve got eight articles on my plate.

Yikes! (But in a good way…)

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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  • Good morning Suzanna,
    What a charming article. I’m new to the writing world and haven’t experienced the lake of lava yet. I started this year (March) writing for an engineering company in Italy (B2B clients for the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) domain). I had previously answered a referral from a job board and wrote an email to the Marketing Director at the company. I had never written for anyone or anything on line before. We had a video interview (GoogleTalk?) and I was in the deep end helping rewrite a company website, with no experience, for a launch within a month. I’m still on a retainer until the end of the year.
    Within the last month or so I picked up a second client in Brazil that is in the SaaS business – also on a job board referral. I’m writing auto-responder email series, and I’ve never done that before, either. I’m being paid and have lots of tasks being assigned by the manager. I recently wrote a piece for Netflix to convince other OTT managers to take advantage of the live engagement tools the company has available. Things are wonderful!

    Pitching is going to be a new adventure for me. I haven’t written a pitch yet. I’ll try to get another client via a referral before setting up a website and start my marketing plan. I’m learning a lot. This makes me stop and pause a moment to be grateful for my good luck. I have heard so many stories about writing mills and scams on the internet that I was hesitant to venture onto this strange turf. But, I’m glad I overcame my trepidation; otherwise, I wouldn’t have come so far.

    Thanks for the uplifting article. I wish you continued success and hope the miracles that you have been anticipating come home soon.

    Warm regards,
    Bill Short

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