Tales from a Bootcamp Attendee: Become a Dr. Marketer


Bootcamp left my head spinning from all the information I learned from a lineup of amazing speakers. If you thought “virtual” meant “less information,” that definitely wasn’t the case here.

The learning potential was insane!!

The first theme of Bootcamp, which I shared last week, was leading with authenticity, a message found within  every speaker’s presentation at Bootcamp.

Be honest. Be yourself. Find companies you resonate with. Do projects you enjoy.

Such amazing advice!

Another theme of Bootcamp has taken root in my brain. It all started when Russ Hennenberry said you should imagine you’re the doctor of marketing.

In this analogy your customers are your patients. They have a pain, and they need you to prescribe them a solution (in the form of copy or consulting).


Noteworthy Message

When reviewing my notes (so many notes), this “put the client’s needs first” theme is present throughout the Bootcamp experience as well. Here are some direct quotes below to give you a feel for what I mean…

  • “Pitch the story, not yourself.” Jennifer Stevens

  • “Make yourself indispensable. You do that by helping. By seeing the big picture and showing your clients where they need help, and then providing that help.” Wendy Makepeace

  • “Use generosity. Offer to help.” Ilise Benun

  • “When selling, focus on their needs. Show how you’re going to help them. Show them your solution tools.” Carline Anglade-Cole

I don’t know if you noticed, but none of these quotes say, “Beg for work” or “If you’re desperate, they’ll hire you.” Instead, they tell you to focus on what you can do for the client.

Companies don’t know you. They don’t have any reason to care about your needs. They’re focused on their own needs. And when you focus on what they need, they’re far more likely to hire you.

People don’t pay for words. They pay for solutions. They’re in pain! It hurts! And because it hurts, they’ll pay you to fix the pain.

Even though authenticity is important, people won’t pay you solely for your personality.

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Holly Rhoton

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