Tech Corner: What Is Search Intent and Why Does It Matter for Keyword Research?

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Do you want your content to rank on Page One in the search engines? Well, you’ll need to include the right keywords.

Keywords (also called key phrases) are a critical part of any SEO strategy. But how do you find the “right” keywords?

Start with search intent.

Search intent (also known as query intent and user intent) is what a user wants to find when they type a search term into a search engine.

In other words, a user has a specific intention in mind when they enter a search term. They may be seeking more information about a product, for example.

When you’re selecting keywords, you need to understand the intent of users. What type of information are they searching for?

Once you understand this, you can match keywords with the type of content you’re writing.

There are five types of search intent:

  1. Navigational intent
  2. Informational intent
  3. Commercial intent
  4. Transactional intent
  5. Local search intent

For example, this article you’re reading right now is informational. It’s aimed at helping you better understand what search intent is, and how it relates to keyword research.

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Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

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