2022 Success Challenge: Plan Ahead

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December is slipping away… for better or worse,  2021 is almost over.

You might be relieved at, thinking, “Man, it’s about time… I can’t wait for a new year and better opportunities!”

Or you may be sad. “Another year gone, already? I was really enjoying myself!” Or… “Wait! I had more to do.”

Either way, ready or not, here comes 2022! And I have one very important question for you…

“What Are Your Plans to Make Next Year a Success?”

I don’t mean general plans like “travel more,” or “make more money,” or even “finally quit my soul-sucking job!”

Those are goals — or in some cases, dreams. They’re a good starting point.

However, having spent a whole year breaking my months into tightly focused 21-day business challenges, I know (from very personal experience) that a goal isn’t a plan. You can’t form a good plan without a goal, but you can’t achieve that goal if you don’t formulate a good plan.

During our last Reality Blog update interview, Heather asked me a question that was a real stand-out moment for me.

It was one of those questions that struck me in the moment — but then it had to bubble away in my subconscious for a couple of weeks before I could really get to work, turning it into an actionable decision.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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