Reality Blog: 3-Step Process to a Moneymaking Conversation

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What’s the best way to get what you want, or need, out of a conversation?

How do you take a simple conversation to the next level?

How do you acquire enough confidence to have a moneymaking conversation without squirming?

That’s something I’ve been working on all year — especially in terms of conversations via email or LinkedIn.

After all that testing, I’ve discovered a few tips that help me communicate better and more purposefully, especially around the issue of money.

And the last step is priceless!

Step 1 — Decide to Have a Moneymaking Conversation

When I started copywriting, I had this kind of weird idea. And it didn’t matter that I told myself I didn’t believe it, because it was still beating at the heart of me:

“If I get brilliant enough at copywriting, prospects will reach out to me.”

So far, that hasn’t been the case.

In my experience, if you want to make money from your network, or grow your network so you have one to make money from, you must select a target, make the decision to reach out, and then reach out.

One of my favorite prospecting avenues is LinkedIn.

And there the conversation starts the first time you create a point of contact with someone else on the platform. It can be the first time you like, comment, or share someone else’s post. It can be the message you add to your connection request.

Next, you must decide whether this new conversation should be in pursuit of profit.

There’s nothing wrong with having a conversation that won’t lead to money in any concrete terms.

You can have conversations among your peers, ask questions of your mentors, answer questions for mentees, make recommendations that will be helpful… None of these result in a deposit to your bank account.

But all are vital components of a healthy business network.

The point is that to have a moneymaking conversation, you must first decide to have that kind of conversation.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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