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Not to keep harping on a favorite theme, but let’s talk a bit more about AWAI’s Bootcamp.

It truly is a remarkable event that powerfully shifts and shapes the lives of hundreds of freelance and in-house copywriters, marketers, graphic artists, and businesspeople around the world every year (with the exception of 2020, of course).

It’s a pretty big deal, in other words.

Accidental Themes of Life

One thing that always impresses me about this event is how themes form at every single one.

These themes are invariably organic and natural.

One speaker — usually the keynote speaker — talks about something personally significant. And, like magic, it seems a theme forms, with other speakers touching back to the same deeper meaning.

This year the accidental theme of Bootcamp was authenticity, both in writing and in living, which is a beautiful and relevant idea I’d encourage you to keep front and center.

As I reflected on that theme, and other Bootcamp themes I’ve been fortunate enough to be touched by in past years, I realized that my year as Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger has created an accidental theme in my own life and writing.

My Personal 2021 Theme

In an earlier blog post — my first official Reality Blog and the first piece of formal writing I did in 2021 — I spoke of the myth of the phoenix.

Specifically, I related how we should use that myth to guide us in a ritual of writing down, and then ceremonially burning, all of the pains, disappointments, frustrations, and regrets that come our way.

Especially those that we as writers might be dealing with from the remarkably difficult year of 2020. The point being, of course, to free our minds and souls from unhelpful dark emotions so that we can readily embrace the possibilities and potentials of a brand-new year of opportunity.

That was a good idea, and it really helped me get started on the right foot. In fact, I’m getting ready to do it again.

As I’ve been thinking of what things from this year might go into that poisonous, doomed letter to myself, though… I’ve realized that this year has developed its own accidental theme. Looking back on the articles I’ve written here, and even more importantly what’s gone on in my personal life, the theme of this year has been a deeper relationship with gratitude.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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