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Welcome to the new (and, I hope, improved) edition of my personal Mad-Science Success Lab, brought to you by Wealthy Web Writer and the Reality Blog.

Thanks to some copywriters who are both smarter and more successful than me — Ilise Benun gets the credit for the laboratory-business idea — I’ve come to understand that my business is an ongoing experiment.

You mix a little of this (skills and specializations) with a little of that (marketing and messaging), and watch to see if it bubbles, goes flat, or blows up.

Ever since I started looking at my business as a lab experiment, I’ve enjoyed it a lot more!

Being able to look at both success and failure as interesting outcomes that can be adjusted and tried again rather than one-shot, do-or-die scenarios has reduced my internal stress by at least 60 percent… and maybe as much as 80.

But to learn from the experience, I have to look at each experiment and the results, and then see how I can do it better the next time around.

So here we are, at the beginning of a brand-new year — so it’s time for some honest assessment. (Thank heavens for the Reality Blog, because I’ve actually got an uncomfortably accurate record of what I did with my last 365 days.)

Creating a Personalized Yearly Roadmap for 2022

How do you accurately plan out your actions for an entire year? And — knowing myself as I do — how do I also build in time for spontaneity, fun, and having an actual life? Not to mention being flexible enough to adapt and change in response to unforeseen opportunities and obstacles?

I’ve spent a month challenging myself to figure this out, and so far I’ve come up with a list of questions for myself (not comprehensive by any means) so I can tweak my experiment and, ideally, achieve better results.

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Suzanna Fitzgerald

Suzanna Fitzgerald

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  • Thank you for this article. It helped me to do my own self-evaluation and make plans for the year. It also helped me to form the groundwork for my self-imposed 40 day challenge that I made last week.

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