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Our 3-Minute Guru videos give you short snippets of tricks, ideas, and tools you can use to make your life easier and your day more rewarding.

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3 Minute Guru: The Way Back Machine

Have you ever visited the Way Back Machine? It can be fun to poke around and see what websites looked like in days gone by. But it can also be very useful. Here’s why…

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3-Minute Guru: A Single Sheet of Paper that Holds Your Whole Brain

A single online application that can hold your whole brain? That’s a big claim. Check out this quick how-to video to see if Workflowy makes good on its promise…

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3-Minute Guru: Backing Up Your Website

Backing up your website is one of the most important steps you can take toward protecting your website from hackers. Find out how.

3-Minute Guru: Set Up Your Own Gravatar

When you make social media posts, like comments to blogs or updates to forums, you have the opportunity to post an image of yourself. Here’s a quick and easy way…

Build An Email List For Free

If you’re starting with a limited budget but you want to use email to stay in front of your audience, then this 3-minute guru video will give you something to consider that may meet your current needs better than a paid email service. This option isn’t as powerful as some of the paid solutions, but it can get you up, running, and in front of an audience quickly and for free.

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3-Minute Guru: Finding Royalty-Free Images

Images are important to you as a web writer, because they make your content more effective. Here’s an easy trick for locating royalty free images on Google.

3-Minute Guru: Simple SEO Tips for Images

Use this quick and easy SEO tips for images to help your website rank better on Google over time. These tips will also make your site more visually engaging

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