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How to Make Your Headlines More Interesting and Clickable

By Susanna Perkins | July 19, 2017

…ool, though, here are a few things to keep in mind when crafting clickable headlines. Curiosity is Key According to Jon Morrow — headline writer extraordinaire: “The more curious your headlines make people, the more they’ll read your posts.” My tendency is just the opposite. I always want to tell people up front exactly what the article, page, post, or email is about. Unfortunately, that doesn’t lead to more clicks. Use the…

Effective Headline Formats for Direct-Response Space Ads

By John Torre | October 9, 2014

…ggest or hint that getting what she wants can be quick and easy. Test Your Headline Against the 4 U’s© —Test your headline’s strength against AWAI’s 4 U’s (Unique, Urgent, Ultra-Specific, and Useful). A good headline should score high on at least two out of the four. (Learn more about the 4 U’s in AWAI’s The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.) Now we’ll get into some examples of commonly-used types of headlines in direct-response spac…

Read This Article Now and Write Better Headlines Immediately!

By John Torre | August 24, 2010

…spaper headlines are not designed to accomplish the same tasks as our copy headlines. Our headline’s mission is to pique the interest of a buyer with purchase intent and eventually have him or her pull the trigger and buy the product or service. Newspaper headlines, on the other hand, are geared toward encapsulating the article or story. If they can do it in a bizarre fashion, as was the case with our banana buddy, so much the better. (Think Natio…

Crafting Headlines That Will Rock Your Prospect’s World

By John Torre | March 3, 2011

…other printed marketing material. When I critique the restaurant letters submitted by AWAI members working their way through AWAI’s fine program, “Accelerated Program For Six-Figure Copywriting,” I focus on the “Four-U’s” of strong headline-building proposed in the program. This article is reserved content for Wealthy Web Writer platinum members. To continue reading this article and learn more about crafting effective headlines, please log in or…

Lucky 7 Rules for Headlines That Get Results

By Sue-Ann Bubacz | June 18, 2015

…shing response through the roof.” In this article, you’ll find 7 Rules for Headlines. The focus here is on formulas and science, breaking headline writing down into actionable steps you can use to consistently deliver better results. 1.) Use Numbers. People Love Them! Here’s why: Numbers quantify for people, making information more real. (For example, “Earn $100,000.”) Numbers are exact and imply analysis. They help establish authority and credibi…

Writing Great Headlines for Any Online Situation

By Susanna Perkins | July 15, 2016

headlines? As a web writer, you’ll be spending a lot of time writing headlines. In certain media, they may not be called headlines — they may be subject lines (email) or post titles (social media). Regardless of what the label is, you still need to get good at writing them, and the same best practices apply to them as to writing a headline for a web page. AWAI has been collecting lots of data about marketing, and compiled it in a large repor…

Six Tips for Writing Attention-Grabbing Headlines

By John Torre | March 20, 2014

…y word you write should revolve around those two fundamental goals. Common Headline Pitfalls to Avoid There are several reasons why many headlines fall short of these goals. The most common are: A lack of something surprising and unexpected: The most effective way to command your prospect’s attention is by presenting something she wouldn’t expect or have seen yet. Even if you’re writing about a well-known product, you should keep digging in your r…

Deck Copy — The Latest and Greatest Thing Since the Headline

By John Torre | September 15, 2011

…o need compelling “deck copy,” which is the copy immediately following the headline. It expands on the headline and attempts to further interest the reader, often with benefits. Don’t confuse deck copy with your “lead,” which is the copy that starts the ad off with interesting, high-impact writing and sets up the remainder of the ad. (We’ll discuss the lead further in future posts.) Any time you write direct-response copy — whether it’s for a land…

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