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5 Essential Ingredients for a Small (Sometimes Portable) Office

By Christine Butler | January 27, 2017

Figure out your best small office setup with this advice from on-the-go freelancer, Chris Butler, who knows how to get a lot done in a small space.

Do Accountability Groups Work?

By Christine Butler | January 4, 2017

Do accountability groups work? Opinions differ on that topic, but lots of writers swear by them. See how to organize a successful group of your own.

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9 Ways You Can Improve Customer Service

By Christine Butler | June 22, 2016

Customer service is important. That’s true no matter the size of your business. Make sure your customer service is up to snuff by employing these 9 tips for keeping your clients happy.

If Your Intent is to Be Found… Then Make It Easy for Those Searching

By Christine Butler | May 10, 2016

Don’t make getting found on the internet harder than it needs to be. Make sure you aren’t inadvertently hiding from the people looking for you. Follow this advice to keep your online records updated.

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7 Proven Ways to Get Clients

By Christine Butler | January 27, 2016

Whether you’re an established writer or just getting started, landing clients is key to your success. Use these seven proven ways to get more clients.

10 Ways to Declutter Your Life for the New Year

By Christine Butler | December 23, 2015

Clutter can slow you down. It can make it harder to think, harder to find what you need, and harder to work. Use these tips to declutter your life.

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9 Ways to Get Unstuck While Writing

By Christine Butler | November 4, 2015

Sometimes when you’re writing, the words flow like magic. And sometimes they don’t. Learn why you get stuck and nine things you can do to start writing again.

How to Solicit Useful Feedback on Your Writing and Why

By Christine Butler | August 26, 2015

Soliciting feedback on your writing is one of the fastest ways to improve your skills. Find out who to ask for feedback, how to ask, and what to do with what you learn.

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