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When Kam Giegel was little, she would sit on a large rock by her back yard creek with pencil and paper, dreaming of being a writer. Since finding AWAI, she is seeing that dream come true loving the adventure writing articles, newsletters and copy brings.

Why You Need to Avoid This Word at All Cost

By Kathy Giegel | April 16, 2020

When you replace “I should” with “I want” you’ll make it easier to do more of the things you mean to do. And then good things will happen.

A Simple Question That Opens Doors

By Kathy Giegel | October 23, 2019

Do you worry about offering unsolicited advice to a prospect or client? Here’s a low-stress, highly effective way to open a client conversation… one that will feel natural and can effortlessly open doors.

Create Your Unique Elevator Pitch in Five Minutes

By Kathy Giegel | October 24, 2018

Craft your elevator pitch in five minutes by asking yourself a few simple questions. When you meet a prospect and they ask what you do, you’ll be ready with an answer that invites conversation.

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