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Candice Lazar is a copywriter and marketing consultant. Her specialty is copy that helps clients develop long-term relationships with their customers.

Reality Blog: SEO Keyword Basics for Non-Experts

By Candice Lazar | April 15, 2016

Even if you don’t specialize in SEO, knowing a few keyword basics for non-experts will make you a better, more successful online copywriter.

Reality Blog: The Most Flexible Web-Writing Project Ever?

By Candice Lazar | April 1, 2016

Find out how you can set up your own sales funnel to attract and land more clients. And how what you learn can deliver more value to your clients, too.

Reality Blog: You Can Produce Quality Work in 3 Minutes …

By Candice Lazar | March 18, 2016

Reality Blogger Candice Lazar shares her favorite tips from the Web Copywriting Intensive including how she learned to write quality work in 3 minutes or less.

Reality Blog: The One Trait You Need Most to Be Successful

By Candice Lazar | March 4, 2016

If you want to develop one success trait that will serve you above all others, it’s having grit as a writer. Read on to find ways to increase your grit.

Reality Blog: Between Projects? Here’s How to Stay Productive

By Candice Lazar | February 19, 2016

In between projects? Candice Lazar shares ways to maintain your productivity between projects. Sharpen your skills. Line up new work. And stay stress free.

Reality Blog: The Freelancer’s Guide to a “Working” Vacation

By Candice Lazar | February 5, 2016

When you work as a freelancer, and you get busy with clients, taking a vacation can seem impossible. But it isn’t. Here’s your guide to a working vacation.

Reality Blog: What I Learned From My Niche Switch

By Candice Lazar | January 22, 2016

Choosing your niche is important. But what if you choose wrong? No worries. If you don’t get it right the first time, here are tips for switching your niche.

Reality Blog: Big Results Begin with Small Steps

By Candice Lazar | January 8, 2016

Big results in your web-writing business often come from taking small steps over and over again. Start the year off strong by tapping into that approach.