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Content strategist for professional service firms and their vendors, working to increase leads and sales by creating engaging content with email campaigns, blog posts, articles etc.

Reality Blog Challenge: If I Had More Time I Would Have Written Less

By David Vigna | December 6, 2017

Editing and readability applications are useful to copywriters because they help you when it comes to making words count. Reliable editing and grammar apps can be a fast way to tighten up you writing.

Reality Blog Challenge: 4 Ways You Can Improve Your Writing Right Now

By David Vigna | November 29, 2017

You can find plenty of small ways to improve your writing, whether through eliminating distractions or making sure you capture ideas. In this post, David Vigna shares four easily implemented tricks he uses to improve his writing… and that you can use too.

Reality Blog Challenge: 4 Ways to Prevent So-ma-sock Syndrome

By David Vigna | November 15, 2017

As a writer, you sit a lot. All that sitting can be hard on your body, your creativity, and your productivity. Try this four tips to help you take care of your body. You’ll be a better, happier writer for the effort.

Reality Blog Challenge: 3 Lessons from a Recent Writing Assignment

By David Vigna | November 8, 2017

Learn from experts is great. But learning by doing is better. David Vigna shares some of his real world writing lessons, learned from working on a project. From negotiations to delivery to lining up more work… check it out.