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Managing editor of Wealthy Web Writer, Heather has over ten years of content marketing and development experience.

15 Minutes to Fame: Setting Up Systems

By Heather Robson | November 15, 2010

Systems are wonderful — they’re one of the best productivity tools available to you. When you set up a system, you make it easy to get things done because you know exactly what you need to do next and you’ve automated as much as possible. But if you’re like most freelancers, you resist adapting new systems or upgrading old ones. Check out some of the systems available to you on Wealthy Web Writer and commit to making the most of them.

Basic Business Tools for Wealthy Web Writers

By Heather Robson | November 8, 2010

When you decided to become a freelance web writer, you probably focused on things like a big income, scheduling freedom, and creative projects. Maybe you didn’t give much thought to things like getting organized, systemizing your marketing, or setting up a good accounting system. Boring! But to succeed you need a strong business structure and that means paying attention to the nuts and bolts.

15 Minutes to Fame: Do You Have a Plan?

By Heather Robson | November 8, 2010

Sooner or later, freelance success all comes down to planning. Without a plan, you’re more likely to give up before you reach a success tipping point or stall on a project that is all-but-finished and never actually launch it. But, make a plan, mix in a little creativity and accountability, and big things can happen.

15 Minutes to Fame: Getting in a Marketing Mindset

By Heather Robson | November 2, 2010

For so many copywriters, marketing is their least favorite thing about being a freelancer. When you have to do your own marketing, it’s a bit like pulling teeth… only you’re the dentist and the patient. Adapting the right mindset about marketing can help. Find out what Wealthy Web Writer contributors have to say.

15 Minutes to Fame: Define Your Next Action

By Heather Robson | October 25, 2010

When you have multiple projects going – whether they’re for clients or for your own marketing campaign – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Use this one tip to make things feel more manageable. Plus, find out what you should do this next week to keep your own marketing efforts on track.

15 Minutes to Fame: Shameless Self Promotion

By Heather Robson | October 18, 2010

Are you too humble? We’re taught all through life that humility is a good thing. And it is. Humility makes you more likeable, it keeps you grounded, it helps you pay attention to the details, and it makes you more approachable. But, when it comes to marketing yourself, sometimes humility can shoot you in the foot. Sometimes, when you are marketing yourself, you have to toot your own horn.

15 Minutes to Fame: The Death in the Details

By Heather Robson | October 11, 2010

Have you ever heard the phrase, “The death is in the details?” Of course you have. And no matter what project you undertake, at some point that phrase becomes true. At some point, you have to take the time to think about the details of what you’re doing. This week make a plan to tackle the details of your business, so they don’t become the death of you.

15 Minutes to Fame: Do More in Less Time

By Heather Robson | October 4, 2010

We all do it… mistake activity for progress. Sometimes, you think just because you’re busy, you must be getting a lot done. But are you really? This week, Heather challenges you to look at when you work and why you work during the times you do. If you’re just fitting your work in where you can, you might be able to up your productivity by making a single, simple change.

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