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Most of my work experience is in marketing. I have a B.B.A. from St. Francis Xavier University. I have designed award-winning newspaper ad campaigns. I have attended boot camps run by international gurus in print advertising (Mitch Henderson), furniture sales (Harry Friedman), and auto sales (Doug Spears, Wye Management). I have been designing, manufacturing, and selling primitive wood crafts for 14 years. My designs have been sold in stores across Canada and several states.

5 Ways Trivia Can Make Your Content Spread Like Wildfire

By Chase Canyon | August 6, 2014

Content Marketing Shareability. If you content isn’t getting shared, then it isn’t succeeding. Find out a simple secret to helping your content spread.

The Down-and-Dirty Checklist for Rocket-Fueled Content

By Chase Canyon | September 4, 2013

When writing web content, there’s a lot to remember: audience research, headlines, calls to action… This content checklist will help.

3 Wacky and Fun Tactics for Combatting Writer’s Block

By Chase Canyon | August 29, 2013

Writer’s block can be one of the most frustrating things you face as a freelancer. There are lots of ways to get through, including some wacky strategies.

Mathematical Proof That Inbox Marketing Can Generate Big Bucks

By Chase Canyon | August 21, 2013

Inbox marketing, reaching out to people through email, offers one of the highest Return On Investments out there. Find out what this means for web writers.

5 Ways to Become More Persuasive in Everything You Do

By Chase Canyon | April 10, 2013

If you become more persuasive, you’ll help your freelance writing business in many ways from landing more projects to delivering better results.

7 Things Web Writers of Any Age Can Learn From Jim Henson

By Chase Canyon | March 6, 2013

As a web writer, you can find writing inspiration from an infinite number of sources. Today, see how legend Jim Henson can inspire your web writing career.

Get Digitally Organized: Recommendations from Writers

By Chase Canyon | February 26, 2013

Writers want tools to save them time so they can add more billable projects to their electronic calendars. Would any of these e-tools make your life easier?

How Stealing Columbo’s Signature Move Can Land You More Business

By Chase Canyon | January 25, 2013

As a copywriter, you’re in sales because you need to promote your services. If the “hard sell” approach doesn’t work for you, try this softer approach to potential clients.

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