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Jim is a writer, teacher, consultant, and an advocate for clarity in communication. He helps clients make sense of their online presence, and translates tech-speak into plain English.

The Reality Blog: Living the Bigger Dream

By Jim Wright | June 28, 2013

Learning to reach for bigger dreams can spell bigger success. In this Reality Blog entry, Jim Wright looks at ways to break out of your comfort zone.

Reality Blog: Beating the Overwhelm Monster

By Jim Wright | May 24, 2013

Getting started is difficult when you feel overwhelmed. Reality Blogger Jim Wright shares how to beat the overwhelm monster and get started anyway.

Is This What’s Holding You Back?

By Jim Wright | April 26, 2013

What’s holding you back? Do you worry about whether or not your ready to launch yourself as a freelance web writer? Jim Wright tackles these tough questions.

Reality Blog: My Trouble With Goals

By Jim Wright | March 29, 2013

Do you ever struggle with setting too many goals? Or setting goals and then not getting started? Jim Wright looks at these types of trouble with goals.

The Reality Blog: Meet Jim Wright

By Jim Wright | February 28, 2013

One of Wealthy Web Writer’s three new Reality Bloggers, Jim Wright shares his big goals for 2013, and encourages you to set big goals of your own.

Marketing Basics: Shameless Self-Promotion and Attracting Clients

By Jim Wright | December 5, 2012

Many freelance web writers cringe at the thought of self-promotion. Use this basic guide to help you with your self-promotion efforts.

3-Minute Guru: Google Alerts

By Jim Wright | September 30, 2012

Learn three ways you can use Google alerts to make yourself a better web writer and to better manage your business. In this how-to video, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to using this free tool.

3-Minute Guru: How to Decide When Google Indexes Your Site

By Jim Wright | August 15, 2012

Find out how to prevent Google from indexing your site until you’re ready for searchers to start finding it through organic search.

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