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As a freelance and fiction writer, blogger, musician, photographer, self-development and journaling coach, and co-host of the Anywhereist Podcast, Kitty Navias calls herself a “kit of all trades.” This year, she’s starting a new series on ADHD Productivity. Find out more at
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Atomic Habits for Writers

By Kitty Navias | December 25, 2019

Do you have a new writing habit you’re trying to establish? Make sure it sticks and that it has the desired result, with this guide to setting good habits.

Productivity Strategies by Personalities - Concept

Productivity Strategies for Four Types of Freelance Writers

By Kitty Navias | July 16, 2019

Certain goal-setting strategies that work like gangbusters for one person might not work at all for someone else because different people manage inner and outer expectations in different ways.

Writing Rituals: Getting Inspired

By Kitty Navias | October 23, 2018

What if you could be inspired on demand? Would that help your productivity? What about your creativity? Get ideas for creative rituals to help you come up with more ideas and new ways to express them.

Writing Rituals: Managing Life Outside Work

By Kitty Navias | October 11, 2018

Increase your productivity as a writer by incorporating supportive rituals into your day. Discover rituals to get your morning off to a good start. To clear your mind. And more.

Writing Rituals: Pre-Work Rituals for Writers

By Kitty Navias | October 3, 2018

The hardest part of writing work — or any kind of work — is getting started. This is where procrastination happens. Setting up pre-work rituals can ease you into getting started and help you be more productive once there.

Writing Rituals: How Writers Can Use Rituals to Create Intention

By Kitty Navias | September 20, 2018

Use writing rituals to infuse your day with purpose and intention. See, step-by-step, how to create a ritual that will put you in the mood to write, help you enjoy the process more, and make it so you get more done.

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