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Jessica Kizorek a 29-year-old adjunct professor at the Miami Ad school, the author of 4 books, a public speaker, consultant, and video producer. Professionally, she trains businesses to build relationships with their customers through online video and social media (www.TheViralPulse). For fun, she gives away video production grants to non-profits through her company, Two Parrot Productions (

Social Media Meets Online Video

By Jessica Kizorek | May 6, 2010

Jessica Kizorek weighs in on what you should expect from social media and online video in the coming year. Social media and video complement each other, and help Internet users enjoy a richer online experience.

Video and Mobile Marketing

By Jessica Kizorek | April 29, 2010

Check out this week’s video message from Jessica Kizorek. Jessica gives you an insight into one of the fastest growing marketing segments–mobile marketing. She talks about how video marketing and copywriting fit into this up-and-coming marketing channel and what you need to know to succeed

Write Copy for Online Marketing Videos

By Jessica Kizorek | April 15, 2010

Find out the four things Jessica Kizorek recommends you do to launch yourself as a video copywriter. When you can offer this valuable service to your clients, you’ll have a shot a more projects and bigger project fees.

Do YouTube Right

By Jessica Kizorek | April 8, 2010

In less than four minutes, Jessica Kizorek shares four key steps that you can use to make sure your videos succeed on YouTube. From advice about compression to the importance of copywriting to your video’s success… you’ll learn it all here.

Beyond YouTube

By Jessica Kizorek | April 1, 2010

Jessica Kizorek tells you more about the future of online video and warns you against the mistaken idea that online video and YouTube are synonymous. There’s way more to online video than YouTube. Find out where you can be using online video to grow your web writing business.

The Year of Online Video

By Jessica Kizorek | March 25, 2010

Online video marketing is changing the landscape of marketing, and it’s only going to grow as a phenomenon. Video marketing expert, Jessica Kizorek, lets you know what you should expect in the coming year.

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