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Are You Using These Powerful Tracking and Testing Features for Email?

By Lauren Bennight | October 30, 2020

When you have an email list, lots of time and effort goes into understanding what your readers want. Here you’ll find tracking tools you can use and tips for improving things like open rates and clickthroughs based on what those tools reveal.

8 Steps to Optimizing Your Posts and Pages for Search

By Lauren Bennight | August 7, 2020

As a web writer you’re in a very competitive space. Just having a website is not enough to bring traffic to it. You need to help the search engines find you.

Creating Graphics

Create Quality Graphics with these Free Tools and Resources

By Lauren Bennight | September 26, 2018

The tools you need to design graphics for your website, email lists, and social media are already at your fingertips… for free! Find out where in this edition of Tech Corner.

SumoMe Web Traffic

SumoMe: 10 Essential WordPress Traffic Plugins in One

By Lauren Bennight | March 31, 2017

Writing content for a blog or email list? SumoMe is your best friend. It’s lead generation, analytics, sharing, and a convenient contact form all in a single WordPress plugin.

Social Media Tools

8 Awesome Social Media Tools to Try Now

By Lauren Bennight | March 6, 2017

Dealing with social media can seem overwhelming at times, so why not make it easy! Check out our round-up of 8 awesome social media tools you can use today.

Ideas for Social Media

How to Easily Generate Ideas for Social Media Content

By Lauren Bennight | February 14, 2017

As a content creator, you find yourself avoiding social media? You’re not alone. Follow along as Lauren Bennight shows you how to easily generate lots of ideas for social media posts in this edition of Tech Corner.

4 Free WordPress Plugins that Will Save You Time

By Lauren Bennight | November 30, 2016

Managing a WordPress site can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming if you’re doing it manually. So don’t! Here’s how to save some time.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

CoSchedule: More than Just Another Editorial Calendar Plugin

By Lauren Bennight | October 30, 2016

CoSchedule is often referred to as a glorified Editorial Calendar for your blog, but it is so much more than just an Editorial Calendar. It’s a blog and social media management tool that also helps with managing projects within a team when used in a group environment. It also provides analytics to help republish your […]

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