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How Chris Allsop Pulled Her Business and Life Back Together After a Traumatic Health Crisis

By Mandy Marksteiner | April 14, 2017

A traumatic health crisis can sideline anyone’s web-writing business for a time. Hear Chris Allsop’s story about returning to writing after a health crisis.

AttendMe Video Chat Helps You Spark an Instant Personal Connection

By Mandy Marksteiner | September 30, 2016

AttendMe is a web-based video chat tool you can use on your website to enhance customer service. Learn all about it in this edition of Tech Corner.

Event Marketing: A Clever Way to Promote Your Web-Writing Business

By Mandy Marksteiner | September 21, 2016

Event Marketing gives you a clever way to establish your expertise, showcase your skills, and build your portfolio. Find out how you can use event marketing to grow your web-writing business.

How the Pokémon GO Craze Can Help You Find New Web-Writing Clients

By Mandy Marksteiner | August 17, 2016

Forward-thinking businesses are taking advantage of the Pokémon Go craze in their online marketing. Learn how you can help your clients get on board.

7 Ways Writing Is Just Like Rock Climbing

By Mandy Marksteiner | March 16, 2016

Activities like rock climbing can offer revealing lessons about freelance web writing. Click through to find seven ways rock climbing is like freelancing.

How to Excavate Your Prospect’s Secret Desires

By Mandy Marksteiner | September 24, 2015

Learn how to excavate prospect desires and uncover what will engage and delight your audience … and ultimately move them to take action.

Three ways to turn the tables during interviews

By Mandy Marksteiner | September 11, 2015

When you sit down to talk to a potential client about a project, you want to nail your interview. To do that, you need to do three things.

Define Your Niche By Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

By Mandy Marksteiner | April 9, 2015

Having trouble going through the process to define your niche? Maybe you need to think more like an entrepreneur. Find out why …

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