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Reality Blog: It’s Time to Get Ready for the Cloud!

By Marianne Foscarini | October 24, 2014

Cloud computing can make your life as a freelancer much easier. Marianne Foscarini shares a recent experience that brought this lesson home and gives you tips for moving more of your work to the cloud.

Reality Blog: Live Events Are More Than Just Fun. It’s Business.

By Marianne Foscarini | September 19, 2014

Live events are about more than having fun. They’re about making connections and building relationships that could give your business a boost. Here’s how to get ready.

Reality Blog: The Secret of Success is No Secret

By Marianne Foscarini | August 22, 2014

The most important success secret for your writing career is actually one of the easiest to use. You just have to learn to trust yourself …

Reality Blog: Take 10 Minutes to Fire-Up Your Day

By Marianne Foscarini | July 18, 2014

In this Reality Blog, Marianne shares a simple step you can use to help you take control of your day. You’re just 10 minutes away from getting more done.

Reality Blog: There’s More Than One Way to Get Clients!

By Marianne Foscarini | June 20, 2014

As a freelancer, you have a lot of options to get clients. In today’s Reality Blog, Marianne Foscarini highlights some easy, no-stress ways to try.

Reality Blog: What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

By Marianne Foscarini | May 16, 2014

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals? In this Reality Blog Marianne Foscarini looks at four common stumbling blocks and how to overcome them.

Reality Blog: Find the Super Writer Inside of You

By Marianne Foscarini | April 18, 2014

As a web writer, you’re like a superhero to your clients. So, sharpen your Super Writer skills and deliver more value to your clients and to yourself.

Reality Blog: The Writer’s Life … One Big Party!

By Marianne Foscarini | March 21, 2014

The Internet is what makes the Writer’s Life possible for so many people. In today’s Reality Blog, Marianne shows you how you can join the party!

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