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Helps Christian business owners improve their online presence and increase their customer base and profits through online/website/SEO content marketing and social media presence

Reality Blog: The Synergy of the Olympian Team

By Marianne Foscarini | February 21, 2014

Building your professional web-writing business may seem like a solo affair, but it can be much more productive if you make it a team sport. Find out why.

Reality Blog: What’s Happened to Make Google So Different?

By Marianne Foscarini | January 17, 2014

Google changes during recent months may have had an effect on your site traffic. Marianne Foscarini explores why and what you can do to regain lost ground.

Reality Blog: New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Visions

By Marianne Foscarini | December 20, 2013

Do you base your New Year’s Resolution on goals or visions? How you answer that question may have a big impact on your long-term success and satisfaction.

Reality Blog: Make 2014 the Year You Stand Out From the Crowd

By Marianne Foscarini | November 15, 2013

Making yourself stand out is one of the tricks to your web-writing success. Marianne Foscarini challenges you to move forward by setting new goals for 2014.

Reality Blog: How Your Library Can Help You Find Your Target Niche

By Marianne Foscarini | October 18, 2013

Your local library might be a good partner in your freelance web-writing business. In today’s Reality Blog learn how your library can help you find clients.

Reality Blog: Does Inconsistency Hold You Back?

By Marianne Foscarini | September 20, 2013

Inconsistency can hold you back from a successful writing career. Marianne Foscarini shares her thoughts, experiences, and insights on being more consistent.

Reality Blog: It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your Writing Routine

By Marianne Foscarini | August 16, 2013

Take time to re-evaluate your writing routine. It’s a valuable step toward reaching your goals. Note what works and what doesn’t and make some changes.

Reality Blog: Should a Blog be Part of Your Website or Stand-Alone?

By Marianne Foscarini | July 19, 2013

Does your blog have to be part of the website or can it be separate and still have the same value? Find out the pros and cons of each approach in this Reality Blog

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