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Reading, writing, and the love of books has fueled Melissa Gouty since she was five, stoking a fire in her that burns hot every day. An award-winning former college professor, a columnist with more than 300 published pieces, an entrepreneur and a traveler, Melissa now crafts "Copy with Clout" from her "House that Lives in a Garden" where she resides with her husband, Bill, and two adopted shelter dogs, Zoey and Ella.
Emojis in Lollipop Form

Simple, Secret Weapon for Better Response Rates

By Melissa Gouty | January 8, 2020

People process visual input much faster than words. There’s a simple way to immediately boost the appeal of your email and social media messages and increase response. Find out how…

Networking Concept

Casting a Wider Net: 5 Truths About Networking for Freelancers

By Melissa Gouty | October 9, 2019

Networking is a proven way to put yourself in front of prospects and can yield big results. Use these five networking tips for freelancers to get started.

How to Grow Your Business by Becoming a “Gift Horse”

By Melissa Gouty | June 12, 2019

Giving gifts to clients can help you grow your writing business. When you say thank you through a gift, you actually deepen your client relationships in four important ways. Find out what they are…

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