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Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.

The Reality Blog: Be Your Own Remarkable Boss in 5 Steps

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | February 15, 2013

Sometimes, being your own boss isn’t enough of a perk to really get the most out of your web-writing career. Read today’s post to discover why you need to go one step further and be a remarkable boss.

The Reality Blog: Eating Habits and Your Writing Success?

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | February 12, 2013

Wondering if what you eat has a direct and immediate effect on your productivity levels? Find out the answer in today’s blog, along with eating tips that will make you smarter.

The Reality Blog: Zap Your Fear Of Change And Pursue Your Goals

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | February 8, 2013

If you’re getting ready for a major life transition then you have to first acknowledge your fears. Fear of change is a major issue. Learn more about how to overcome it.

The Reality Blog: Make the Most of the New LinkedIn Endorsements

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | February 5, 2013

Are the new LinkedIn endorsements really an effective networking tool? Learn how to make them work for you and find out which aspect of those endorsements should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Reality Blog: Charge High Fees With Ease — Here’s How

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | February 2, 2013

If you’ve ever waivered when it comes to setting and stating writing fees, you’re not alone. Read today’s blog to learn how to make use of an easy technique to help you get good at quoting high fees.

The Reality Blog: (Warning) TOO MUCH Time For Web Writing

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | January 29, 2013

It’s one thing to dream of life as a successful freelance web writer, but if you have too much time to make that happen, you risk not ever following though on your goals.

The Reality Blog: Are Your Genetics Keeping You Down?

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | January 26, 2013

Have you been told you inherited bad habits from a family member? Whether that’s true or not, there’s one way to approach the problem and solve it for good.

The Reality Blog: Writing Lessons From The Original Dear Abby

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | January 22, 2013

Find out what Pauline Friedman’s actions, the original “Dear Abby,” have in common with the web-writing advice freelancers are given today. You may be surprised.

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