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Executive Editor for The Barefoot Writer, Mindy McHorse writes for clients in the biz-opp, alternative medicine, and self-help world.

The Reality Blog: 7 Essential Etiquette Rules For Freelancers

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | January 18, 2013

Could you be making these mistakes? Few freelancers realize how easy it is to offend someone they work with virtually. Read today’s post for basic etiquette guidelines for freelancers.

The Reality Blog: What’s Your Pinterest-Worthiness Level?

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | January 15, 2013

Have you ever examined your Pinterest-perfect level? It might be high-time, especially since it factors into the satisfaction you’ll get out of life as a freelance writer.

The Reality Blog: Guiding Words – Better Than Resolutions

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | January 11, 2013

Need a better approach to improving yourself and your web-writing business this year? Scrap the New Year’s resolution and choose one word to guide your success.

The Reality Blog: Rediscover the Lost Art of Pleasure

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 31, 2012

Did you come to web writing in search of something? Money, more free time, or even validation for your writing ability? This post is proof you can get it.

The Reality Blog: Do You Look the Part?

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 28, 2012

If you’re serious about becoming a high-earning web writer in 2013, you’ve got to look the part. Find out why this is so critical — and how it can launch you on a cycle of success.

The Reality Blog: 3 No-Failure-Possible Ways to Motivate Yourself

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 24, 2012

If the idea of getting your web-writing business “pregnant” floors you, check out this unique but effective spin on making sure your business not only succeeds, but thrives.

The Reality Blog: Why Your Buffet-Behavior Predicts Writing Success

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 21, 2012

Ever get overwhelmed by the choices at a buffet? If you have trouble narrowing down options, chances are you face the same challenges in your web-writing business. Here are five tips to help you focus your efforts.

The Reality Blog: Potluck Envy and E-Tension

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | December 14, 2012

Ever had an uncomfortable feeling after getting or sending certain emails? It’s called e-tension, and today’s blog shares a spot-on, stress-free way to get rid of it.

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