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I'm a Freelance Direct-Response Copywriter specializing in web content and social media. I help clients attract new prospects, get new customers, and retain existing clients with engaging web content and strategic social media. I'm a Master Networker, having attended 400+ networking events in the past 3 years. AND I'm a proud Baseball Mom, Wine Wife, and BBQ Daughter who loves Christmas, Disneyland, and rescue dogs.

How to Stockpile Content for a Rainy Day

By Michele Peterson | December 18, 2019

Create future content when you have the time to spare and you’ll set yourself up for consistent marketing and steady income. Here’s how it works…

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WIIFM As a Web Writer

By Michele Peterson | November 13, 2019

If you don’t define your WIIFM as a web writer, it’s easy to become distracted and not do the things you need to. A clear purpose will drive your growth.

Your Web-Writing Business Isn’t a Drive-Thru, So Stop Being an Order-Taker

By Michele Peterson | August 28, 2019

It’s much better — and more profitable — to be a consultant rather than a commodity. The good news is that you have what it takes right now to make the shift to the role of expert consultant.

A 4-Part Strategy for Copywriters Who Want More Referrals

By Michele Peterson | July 17, 2019

Would you rather grow your copywriting business by cold calling strangers or by having conversations with warm prospects who have been referred to you? The latter will shorten your sales cycle and bring in higher quality clients.

How Your Good Web-Writing Clients May Be Holding You Back

By Michele Peterson | June 19, 2019

Do you have good clients? Or great clients? If you have a roster of clients that you enjoy working with, but you find yourself frustrated with the growth of your business, it may be time to search for higher-tier clients.

How to Attract More Clients by Defining Your Own Unique Selling Proposition

By Michele Peterson | May 15, 2019

You are unique… shouldn’t you land clients as unique as you are. See how you can start attracting clients who are the perfect fit, by fully embracing your own unique selling proposition.

How to Beat Writer’s Block and Write, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

By Michele Peterson | April 24, 2019

These four strategies to beat writer’s block have proven effective for other writers. Give them a try and learn to write even when you don’t feel motivated

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7 Steps to Turning in Work Clients Love

By Michele Peterson | March 27, 2019

You work hard to land a project. And when you finally do, that’s when the real work begins. Use these seven steps for turning in work your clients will love

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