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I'm a Freelance Direct-Response Copywriter specializing in web content and social media. I help clients attract new prospects, get new customers, and retain existing clients with engaging web content and strategic social media. I'm a Master Networker, having attended 400+ networking events in the past 3 years. AND I'm a proud Baseball Mom, Wine Wife, and BBQ Daughter who loves Christmas, Disneyland, and rescue dogs.

How to Set Realistic Goals and Find Time to Achieve Them

By Michele Peterson | April 21, 2021

Achieving goals boils down to two things — setting realistic goals and them setting aside time to work on them. Here, you’ll find useful tips for doing both.

Quarterly Checkups Keep the Fire Lit Under Your Goals

By Michele Peterson | March 10, 2021

Having goals to work toward helps ensure your success. It’s even better when you review those goals regularly. Use quarterly checkups to stay motivated.

5 Things to Renew Your Enthusiasm for Web Writing When You’re in a Rut

By Michele Peterson | February 17, 2021

Are you stuck in a rut with your writing? It’s not writer’s block. You’re just not enjoying it. Try these five ways to renew your enthusiasm for writing.

Marketing with a purpose requires planning

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Organize Your Virtual Workspace for Better Productivity in 2021

By Michele Peterson | January 13, 2021

When you work as a freelancer, your computer plays a critical role in your workflow. Use these 5 tips to organize your virtual workspace.

Three business people discussing innovations

Developing Affinity Marketing Partnerships

By Michele Peterson | December 16, 2020

Affinity marketing partnerships give you marketing leverage. See how you can build your business by working with other businesses who also serve your clients.

Client meeting - Overcoming client difficulties

11 Tips for Low-Stress, Effective Meetings That Turn Prospects Into Clients

By Michele Peterson | November 18, 2020

Holding effective meetings with your prospects is key to converting them into clients. It’s also crucial for getting the project off to a strong start.

11 Ways Web Copywriters Can Build an Audience

By Michele Peterson | October 14, 2020

One of the most sustainable ways to grow your web-writing business is steadily grow your audience. Use these 11 strategies to attract followers and fans.

Checking email in the morning - common email messages

3 of the Most Common Email Messages Clients Ask for… and How to Over-Deliver on Each

By Michele Peterson | September 16, 2020

There are 3 common email messages clients will ask you to write. Master the tricks of over-delivering on these messages and keep your clients coming back.

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