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An award winning copywriter and direct response marketing, Nick Usborne made the switch to copywriting exclusively for the Web in 1997 and is a leading expert in the industry.
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The Chatbot Revolution and What it Means to You

By Nick Usborne | May 7, 2020

Recorded: May 18, 2020: Wondering what all the fuss is about chatbots? In this live webinar, Nick Usborne explores the potential of chatbots to help you do better, more targeted work.

5 Ways to Massively Increase the Quality of Every Page You Write. (Or… the Rule of Two.)

By Nick Usborne | March 4, 2020

If you want to deliver better web writing to your clients–and you should–follow these five techniques to immediately double the quality of your work.

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The Rise of Video in Social Media – and What it Means to You

By Nick Usborne | June 17, 2019

Recorded: June 17, 2019: One thing that’s working on nearly every social media platform is video. In this webinar event, Nick Usborne explores the role of video in social media… and what it means for writers like you.

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12 Ways to Start Improving Your Web Copy Skills

By Nick Usborne | April 24, 2019

Recorded: April 24, 2019: Writing for the Web is different than traditional sales writing. In this event, Nick Usborne shares 12 tips to help you increase your web copy conversions.

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Achieve Your Dreams Faster by Being a “Just-in-Time” Social Media Writer

By Nick Usborne | March 13, 2019

There’s one writing skill which all but guarantees you a continuous flow of income from every client you work with. And it puts you in daily (or near daily) contact with your clients, which makes you invaluable to them.

5 Tips on Writing Short-Form Copy for Social Media

By Nick Usborne | November 28, 2018

Short copy is a big deal when you’re writing for social media. And this is an area your clients need help with. Discover five ways you can write effective short-form copy.

How to Research Your Audience Online – and Use What You Learn to Write Stronger Web Copy

By Nick Usborne | June 19, 2018

Recorded: June 19, 2018: In this live interview with Nick Usborne, you’ll learn how to research your audience online, including what to look for and where to find it. Use what you learn here to start immediately writing stronger web copy.

When a Client Says You Charge Too Much — Video Quick Tip

By Nick Usborne | November 29, 2017

What do you do when a prospect says your rates are too high? Nick Usborne looks at this question from a few different angles and shows you how to handle it when a potential client pushes back against what you charge.

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