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An award winning copywriter and direct response marketing, Nick Usborne made the switch to copywriting exclusively for the Web in 1997 and is a leading expert in the industry.

The Google Panda Update and What it Means to You

By Nick Usborne | July 6, 2011

Recorded: July 6th, 2011
Nick Usborne shares how the Google Panda update affects web writers whether you’re writing copy for a client or for your own site.

5 Online Tools You Can Use to Increase Your Value and Productivity as a Social Media Expert

By Nick Usborne | June 8, 2011

When you manage social media campaigns for multiple clients, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. For each project, you’ll be probably be responsible for keeping and eye on things and adding tweets, updates, comments, and more. Get organized and make a great impression with your clients by using these five smart tools that are favorites with social media experts.

Seven Ways You Can Immediately Deliver More Value to Your Clients With Social Media

By Nick Usborne | April 26, 2011

Recorded: April 26th, 2011
As an online copywriter, you should always be on the lookout for ways you can add value to the projects you undertake for your clients. Social media gives you a way to do that—and because of the variety of ways to use social media, you can tailor-make suggestions to your clients that will make whatever you are working on more interactive and more effective.

Why Companies Online are Desperate for Persuasive Direct-Response Copywriters

By Nick Usborne | April 20, 2011

If you ask just about any online business owner about the kind of writer they value the most, without fail, they’ll answer that they value persuasive copywriters. Ultimately, the Web is a direct-response medium, and so your direct-response copywriting skills can set you apart from other writers and propel you to a more successful web writing career.

How to Price Your Social Media Services

By Nick Usborne | April 11, 2011

Recorded: April 11th, 2011
Learn the ins and outs of pricing your social media projects from how prices will vary from project to project to what your clients expect.

7 Ways to Add Value to Your Next Online Copywriting Assignment With Social Media

By Nick Usborne | March 9, 2011

As an online copywriter, you can add enormous value to the relationships you have with your clients simply by including social media as an element within each assignment you take on. In fact, you can also use your social media expertise to attract a whole lot more copywriting projects, from a wider variety of clients.

Develop Your Expertise in Social Media and Get Ahead as an Online Copywriter

By Nick Usborne | January 25, 2011

Recorded: January 25th, 2011
Online copywriters are in danger of losing their edge if they don’t learn about social media marketing. During this webinar, Nick Usborne will show you four ways in which you can make money as a social media expert and get ahead in your freelance business.

To get ahead as an online copywriter, you need to develop your expertise in social media. Right now.

By Nick Usborne | January 19, 2011

Just three years ago, it was becoming imperative that offline copywriters reinvent themselves for the digital world or marketing. Now, there’s another shift occurring that copywriters need to pay attention to–the rise of social media. If you want to maintain your relevance and momentum as an online copywriter, you need to become an expert in social media marketing.

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