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An award winning copywriter and direct response marketing, Nick Usborne made the switch to copywriting exclusively for the Web in 1997 and is a leading expert in the industry.

Your Personal Step-by-Step Goal Setting and Achievement Plan

By Nick Usborne | January 4, 2011

Recorded: January 11th, 2011
During this webinar, Nick Usborne is a successful and well-known web copywriter, author and coach, who will assist you in setting up your personal step-by-step goal setting and achievement plan.

Building a Serious Freelance Writing Business

By Nick Usborne | December 29, 2010

Recorded: December 29th, 2010
In this presentation, from AWAI’s 2010 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp, Nick’s going to show you how to stop slogging away as a freelance pieceworker and instead build a successful business that works for you, year after year.

3 Essential Elements to Achieving your Goals for 2011

By Nick Usborne | December 29, 2010

If having a goal makes the difference between just wanting something and actually achieving it, what makes a true goal so different? Nick Usborne delves into the art of setting effective goals and shows you what you can do to achieve more than you thought you could in the coming year.

Maximizing the Income Potential of Your Freelance Writing Business

By Nick Usborne | October 12, 2010

Recorded: October 12th, 2010
During this webinar, Nick Usborne will put you in the driver’s seat of your freelance business so you can take control and start taking action to get better clients, work smarter, and maximize your income.

Should you launch your freelance business under your own name, or a business name?

By Nick Usborne | October 6, 2010

The name you choose for your business can have a significant and lasting impact on how you market yourself. Today, Nick Usborne walks you through the pros and cons of using your own name, or a business name when launching your freelance business.

Find the Niche That’s Right For You

By Nick Usborne | August 23, 2010

Recorded: August 23rd, 2010
During this webinar Nick Usborne will show you his detailed process that you can follow so that you can confidently select a niche that’s right for you.

My #1 Source of Learning When It Comes to Writing for the Web

By Nick Usborne | August 11, 2010

Nick Usborne explains how a money-making website can provide you with passive income and also become a training ground for your own web-writing career. Discover five ways that writing your own money-making website can make you more valuable to your clients, resulting in more projects, higher fees, and a more satisfying web-writing career.

Special Report: Four Strategies for Increasing the Money You Make from Every Project You Do

By Nick Usborne | July 13, 2010

Download Nick Usborne’s special report and learn the strategies to increase the money you make from every project you do.

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