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A cow on the road

Reality Blog: Learning About Writing from Cows

By Holly Rhoton | November 17, 2020

If you look at your life and feel like it’s not where you what it to be, even though someone looking at it from the outside might say it looks just fine… well, you should know, it’s okay to do something else if things aren’t working.

A man running on an empty road

Reality Blog Challenge: When Life Falls Apart

By Holly Rhoton | November 10, 2020

Sometimes the years when you experience the biggest setbacks end up being the ones where you make the biggest gains. Holly Rhoton shares her big challenges and big wins in 2020.

Reality Blog Challenge – 2021: Moving from the Dream to Reality

By Holly Rhoton | November 3, 2020

Many new writers get hung up on picking a niche and a writing specialty. That’s why Holly is setting the goal to explore as many niches as she can in 2021. Discover more about her goal and how it can help you with your writing dreams.

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