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I am a new web writer and site designer. I have 25 years of writing statements of work for the government and requests for proposals to work with but little network to go with it. I have business sites I am developing on GoDaddy and SBI, but no personal website and no social networking. Not interested in them yet.

Crafting a Contract: Part III — Loose Ends

By Nadine White | May 20, 2011

No matter how carefully, you craft a contract, you may worry that you’ve left something important out. In this third part of the a series on writing clear, effective contracts you’ll learn about clauses you should consider using to make sure there are any loose ends or misunderstandings when your project is finished.

Crafting a Contract: Part II — Defining Your Work Package

By Nadine White | April 13, 2011

A clearly written, well-thought out contract can save you from any number of headaches as a project progresses. The heart of your contract is your work package order — the creative work you will perform for your client. Find out what you should include in this section of your contract and important considerations that every web writer should make.

Crafting a Contract: Part 1 – The Basic Pieces

By Nadine White | February 14, 2011

Contract law is one of the oldest branches of law, falling under law of obligation. As a freelancer, you probably have already realized a contract serves as the heart of most of your business dealings. Taking the time to understand the parts of a contract will allow you to use a contract’s design protect your creative capabilities,

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