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I reside in North Brunswick, NJ, with my wife, Lynn, and daughters Kasey, Jaclyn, and Shelly. We also have a 110 pound, lovable Rottie named Leo that keeps us on our toes! When we're not hard at work we enjoy spending weekends at our bungalow down the Jersey shore, or take extended trips to Walt Disney World as members of the Disney Vacation Club. For kicks, I draw on my dominant "right-brain" and play guitar in classic rock and blues bands, act for local plays and independent productions, and enjoy writing creative fiction. I'm a published author in short fiction and stage plays and a graduate of a local community college's Commercial Writer's Certificate Program. After graduating from the program I was selected as an instructor and taught "Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror" writing for 8 years. I enjoy many fine relationships I made with my students to this day.
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A Quick Primer on Genius and Creativity

By John Torre | September 17, 2020

The reason most people don’t function at genius levels is because they’re not aware of how creative they can be. Here are three ways to open your mind.

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10 Tips for Reigniting a Stalled Project

By John Torre | September 10, 2020

Like any skill, creativity needs to be nursed… especially when you feel stuck on a project. The more time you spend actively engaging your creativity, the greater your chances of producing exciting and innovative ideas

Using Questions to Identify with Customers and Ramp Up Sales

By John Torre | September 3, 2020

A sale is often made or lost based on the questions you ask. If you aren’t landing all the projects you want, start by evaluating the specific wording of the questions you’re asking.

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10 Ways to Make the Most Use of Downtime

By John Torre | August 27, 2020

If your work schedule is not as full as you like, you need to be proactive when it comes to using your downtime effectively. Use these ten ideas to grow your skills, build your reputation, and have a little fun.

10 Things You Should Know About Your Copywriting Prospects

By John Torre | August 20, 2020

If you want to connect with potential clients, you need to know some things about your copywriting prospects. Keep these things in mind for better results.

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14 Cures for Online Shopping Cart Abandonment

By John Torre | August 13, 2020

High rates of online shopping cart abandonment can take a big toll on the bottom line. Discover 14 ways you can help your clients make more of their sales.

9 Simple Ways to Build a Strong Keyword List

By John Torre | August 6, 2020

Some of the best methods for building a comprehensive keyword list aren’t found online. You need to look which to your everyday environment instead.

9 Ways to Maintain Business Momentum in a Down Economy

By John Torre | July 30, 2020

An economic downturn can be scary, and it presents a unique challenge to freelancers. But you can thrive in a down economy. These nine suggestions will help you position yourself for success…

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