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I reside in North Brunswick, NJ, with my wife, Lynn, and daughters Kasey, Jaclyn, and Shelly. We also have a 110 pound, lovable Rottie named Leo that keeps us on our toes! When we're not hard at work we enjoy spending weekends at our bungalow down the Jersey shore, or take extended trips to Walt Disney World as members of the Disney Vacation Club. For kicks, I draw on my dominant "right-brain" and play guitar in classic rock and blues bands, act for local plays and independent productions, and enjoy writing creative fiction. I'm a published author in short fiction and stage plays and a graduate of a local community college's Commercial Writer's Certificate Program. After graduating from the program I was selected as an instructor and taught "Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror" writing for 8 years. I enjoy many fine relationships I made with my students to this day.

9 Tips for Producing High-Quality Copy

By John Torre | July 1, 2021

High-quality copy tells an enchanting story. It entertains the readers, resonates with their wants, needs, and desires, and compels them to take a desired action. Use these nine tips to get you there.

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Developing a Marketing Mindset

By John Torre | June 24, 2021

Developing a marketing mindset means figuring out how to present yourself and the unique skills and abilities you bring to the table. Remember, there’s no one quite like you!

Woman at computer - digital marketing

9 Recommended Result-Oriented Methods for Writing Copy

By John Torre | June 17, 2021

When it comes to approaching a writing project, you have a number of choices. Explore nine different approaches to space ads and direct mail along with an example of each.

10 Tips for Selling Yourself and Your Services

By John Torre | June 10, 2021

It takes hard work to be successful. But in addition to that, you can take steps and implement protocols that will give you that competitive edge you’re looking for when selling your writing services.

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8 Ways to Drive and Inspire Your Creative Process

By John Torre | June 3, 2021

Learning to inspire your creative process gives you access to your imagination on demand. You’ll be able to come up with big ideas and write better copy when and where you need to.

4 Ways to Advertise Seemingly Similar Products

By John Torre | May 27, 2021

When you need to position a product so it stands out from a crowd of competitors, there are proven approaches you can take, like the four you’ll find here.

10 Tips for Writing Copy that Communicates and Sells

By John Torre | May 20, 2021

Writing copy that communicates is key to the success of whatever you’re working on. Communication leads to understanding, sign-ups, sales, and word-of-mouth business.

7 Ways to Attract More Sales for High-Priced Products

By John Torre | May 13, 2021

If you’re writing copy to sell high-priced products, you’ll need to be very thoughtful in the way you construct your sales argument. These seven tips will help boost results.

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