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I reside in North Brunswick, NJ, with my wife, Lynn, and daughters Kasey, Jaclyn, and Shelly. We also have a 110 pound, lovable Rottie named Leo that keeps us on our toes! When we're not hard at work we enjoy spending weekends at our bungalow down the Jersey shore, or take extended trips to Walt Disney World as members of the Disney Vacation Club. For kicks, I draw on my dominant "right-brain" and play guitar in classic rock and blues bands, act for local plays and independent productions, and enjoy writing creative fiction. I'm a published author in short fiction and stage plays and a graduate of a local community college's Commercial Writer's Certificate Program. After graduating from the program I was selected as an instructor and taught "Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror" writing for 8 years. I enjoy many fine relationships I made with my students to this day.

Taking a Look at YouTube’s Marketing Tools

By John Torre | February 9, 2011

Last week, we talked about creating your own YouTube channel, the different types of YouTube accounts you can set up, and things you can do with them. This week, we’ll wrap up our YouTube discussion with things you can do to help your YouTube videos gain more viewers. You may even make a video that goes viral.

Using the Power of YouTube Channels

By John Torre | February 1, 2011

Last week we talked about the power of using YouTube as a social networking tool, the types of videos you can submit, and a bit about getting your videos noticed. This week we’ll take a look at creating your own YouTube channel, different types of YouTube accounts you can set up, and some things you can do with them.

Taking a Look at YouTube as a Marketing Tool

By John Torre | January 26, 2011

Any discussion about social marketing and networking would be incomplete without taking a moment to examine how YouTube fits into the equation. Find out the most popular kinds of videos that get posted to YouTube and the steps you can take for greater YouTube marketing success.

Six Tips for Effective Business Communications

By John Torre | January 20, 2011

Creating clear guidelines for how your business communicates–or for helping your clients clarify how they will communicate with their customers–is a good practice. It helps you stay in better touch with the people you do business with, and it helps you present yourself in a consistent way. When you do that, you become better known to your clients and they’ll be more willing to do business with you.

Understanding the Power of Social Marketing

By John Torre | January 13, 2011

Two of the biggest buzzwords on the Web right now are “social” and “community.” And, with the advent and proliferation of social networking sites, it’s easy to see why. These words have developed an enormous impact in light of the kind of traffic headed to social networks right now — like Facebook, which sees more than a BILLION visits every single month!

Networking 1-0-1 … or … How to Work a Room!

By John Torre | January 5, 2011

As independent freelancers, one of the traps we often fall into (me included!) is secluding ourselves from networking with other professionals and potential clients. It’s easy to do when work is plentiful. After all, we can just keep humming away on our projects and simply finish one and move onto the next with little or no interaction with others. But when times get lean, this approach can bite you.

Increasing Production Begins Within Yourself

By John Torre | December 28, 2010

You know, one of the bonuses of learning to persuade people through our marketing efforts is that we can work those same skills on ourselves. It’s the power of “self-persuasion.” Properly administered, we can use it to naturally increase our production and accomplish virtually anything we set our minds to. Find out how you can set the stage to persuade yourself to greater productivity.

Writing Articles as Part of a Viral Marketing Strategy

By John Torre | December 21, 2010

A sound viral marketing plan can boost your customer’s bottom line or your own. It can also lead your visitors to take the specific action you them to. One powerful viral marketing strategy you can use to generate buzz, visitors, and conversions is article marketing. This powerful marketing strategy can make a big different to a website’s success in a very short time.

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