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I reside in North Brunswick, NJ, with my wife, Lynn, and daughters Kasey, Jaclyn, and Shelly. We also have a 110 pound, lovable Rottie named Leo that keeps us on our toes! When we're not hard at work we enjoy spending weekends at our bungalow down the Jersey shore, or take extended trips to Walt Disney World as members of the Disney Vacation Club. For kicks, I draw on my dominant "right-brain" and play guitar in classic rock and blues bands, act for local plays and independent productions, and enjoy writing creative fiction. I'm a published author in short fiction and stage plays and a graduate of a local community college's Commercial Writer's Certificate Program. After graduating from the program I was selected as an instructor and taught "Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror" writing for 8 years. I enjoy many fine relationships I made with my students to this day.

Specialization vs. Generalization — What Works For You?

By John Torre | July 27, 2010

There is a constant running discussion in the copywriter’s realm over the question of specialization vs. generalization. There is not any one right answer, but there are some things you should consider on this topic when forming your long-term business plan. Discover some of the pros and cons of each and some of the 9 things to thing about as you decide whether you’re a specialist or a generalist.

Extracting Copywriting Lessons from a Living Sales Letter

By John Torre | July 20, 2010

Love LeBron James or hate him, his recent reality show publicity stunt garnered the attention of America and to the watchful eye offered up several valuable lessons in marketing. Today, find out how this basketball star’s marketing savvy can be a benefit to your web copywriting career.

Building a Brand, or Just a Pain In The Butt?

By John Torre | July 13, 2010

It wasn’t so long ago in our country’s history when “branding” amounted to nothing more than burning a rancher’s proprietary symbol into the back end of a steer to show ownership. In today’s market building your brand is more complex and takes careful consideration, but the hard work can pay off big over time.

Is Today Your Independence Day?

By John Torre | July 7, 2010

What does it me for a freelance copywriter to be independent. John Torre takes a look at the mindset a copywriter needs to succeed going it alone. Discover his valuable tips and pointers–learned through experience–that can make your path to independence a little easier and more enjoyable, too.

A Word on Negotiations, Values, and Concessions

By John Torre | June 29, 2010

No amount of negotiation skill will help you if you’re dealing with unscrupulous people. In that case, if your gut is telling you to “walk away,” then you better well do it! Fortunately, most people are honorable and want a deal that’s fair to everyone. Even then, though, you can benefit from strong negotiation skills.

Insist On Getting Paid What You’re Worth

By John Torre | June 23, 2010

There are three essential ingredients to ensuring you’re paid what you’re worth. They’re not foolproof, but if you command all three it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll earn a fair compensation for your time and effort. Find out how experience, knowledge and confidence each impact what you can expect in terms of payment and weigh out the risks and advantages of working for project fees rather than an hourly rate.

Tips to Ensure Getting Paid (In a Timely Manner!)

By John Torre | June 16, 2010

Most businesses that hire a freelance copywriter are honest and happy to pay you for your work. But occasionally you run into a situation that turns into a nightmare. John Torre shares his tips for heading off those situations, making sure that you aren’t taken advantage of as a freelance copywriter and that you get paid on time and as agreed.

Market Like a Newspaper or Supermarket

By John Torre | June 8, 2010

Traditional newspapers have limited real estate, but their websites have more room than the Wild, Wild West … and are often conducted with as much of a free-wheeling attitude. Find out how you can use this fact to cheaply and effectively get yourself and your services in front of your target audience.

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