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4 Ways to Be More Productive

By Tamara Powell | May 17, 2018

Any step forward, no matter how small, is progress. If you can motivate yourself to keep up your forward momentum… you may just become unstoppable! Here are four tricks to be more productive even when you feel like stalling out.

Learn to Make Quick, Confident Decisions

By Tamara Powell | March 7, 2018

As writers and freelancers, we make dozens of decisions every day. And all those decisions accumulate to take a mental toll… which means it can get harder to make important decisions as the day wears on. Find out how to combat this decision fatigue.

Get Your Work Done Faster with These Four Motivational Techniques

By Tamara Powell | December 26, 2017

Sometimes life gets in the way of your goals. You get busy at work. You’re tired when you get home from work. Things come up in your personal life that need your full attention. To counter all of life’s messiness, try these four ways to stay on track toward what you want.