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Qhubekani Nyathi aka The Click Guy is an irresistibly handsome (wife’s baseless claims!) freelance copywriter. He helps SMBs rapidly grow their income and impact through actionable long-form content that drives traffic, builds authority, and generates tons of leads. He has written for top blogs like Crazy Egg, Get Response, Search Engine People, Techwyse, AWAI, and more.
LinkedIn on a Corkboard

How to Write a LinkedIn Headline that Makes Prospects Sit Up and Take Notice

By Qhubekani Nyathi | July 2, 2019

Your LinkedIn title is not really about you. It’s about the unique value you offer to your prospects. Make wise use of the limited space you have to work with, and you’ll attract more attention from your ideal clients.

Nine Sure-Fire Ways to Optimize Content for Voice Search

By Qhubekani Nyathi | August 15, 2018

Voice search is a growing factor for writers who do search engine optimization. See how you can make sure you’re content is showing up for voice search.

How I Landed My First Client (Without a Website or Fat Portfolio!)

By Qhubekani Nyathi | October 3, 2016

Does not having a website mean you can’t land clients. Absolutely not! Read this story about how to land clients without a website or portfolio.

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