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Reality Blog: The Big Benefit of the Slow-and-Steady Route to Success

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | January 14, 2022

Is it possible to succeed too quickly? Whatever answer you have to that question, it’s definitely possible to overload yourself with business tasks, which is why this slow-and-steady path to success is a healthy, helpful option.

How to Create Instant Authority with a Professional Workflow Process – Part 2

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | January 13, 2022

When you create a professional onboarding process that conveys high subjective value, you’ll streamline your administrative tasks, sidestep problem clients, sell yourself more effectively.

Reality Blog: How to Create a Personalized Yearly Roadmap

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | January 7, 2022

When you create a personalized roadmap for the year ahead, you set yourself up for success. Here is one approach to creating your 2022 plan.

How to Create Instant Authority with a Professional Workflow Process – Part 1

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | January 6, 2022

When you have a professional workflow process, you can approach new client relationships with confidence. That puts your client at ease and conveys your value and expertise.

Reality Blog: 8 Things You Need to Succeed Next Year

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | December 31, 2021

What do you need to succeed? Here you’ll find some key, but often overlooked, elements to having a successful year as a freelance copywriter.

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Reality Blog: Use Holiday Time to Get Out of Your Ruts

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | December 24, 2021

The hardest part about changing routines that are comfortable is finding the time to do it. It’s easy to be in a hurry, and that makes it hard to find the time to experiment with habits.

blank notebook, plant, and board with "turn the page"

2022 Success Challenge: Plan Ahead

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | December 17, 2021

With the New Year in sight, now is the time to start planning what you’ll accomplish in 2022. See what Suzanna’s final 21-Day challenge looks like and what she’s got in the works for 2022.

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Reality Blog: 3-Step Process to a Moneymaking Conversation

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | December 10, 2021

Connecting with people in the hopes of landing them as a client is completely fine. But don’t skip to the end. Have a conversation. Ask good questions and listen to the responses. Then talk about how you can help.

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