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Working from anywhere, even the floor

Reality Blog: Balancing Copywriting Schedules with Chronic Health Problems

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | September 17, 2021

If you’re building your freelance business while living with chronic health problems, you know it can be a challenge. This Reality Blog shares experiences and tips to help you strike the right balance.

Reality Blog: 6 Tips for Copywriting on the Go

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | September 10, 2021

Can you really write from anywhere? Anytime? Take a laptop to the beach, the mountains, or a hotel lobby? With a little preparation and a lot of flexibility, you sure can!

Reality Blog: This Is Why

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | September 3, 2021

Understanding why you do what you do, why you want to make a living as a writer, can be useful on a lot of levels… including reflecting on why you’re doing what you’re doing today.

Reality Blog: Progress Report – The Day I Threw My Life’s Work in the Trash

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | August 27, 2021

What do you do when you don’t like pitching… or some other aspect of your writing business? It’s a problem every writer encounters sooner or later.

Smartphone with LinkedIn App

Reality Blog: Avoid Falling for the LinkedIn Lie

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | August 20, 2021

Have you fallen for the LinkedIn lie? A lot of writers do. In this Reality Blog, Suzanna Fitzgerald explores one of the most common LinkedIn mistakes, and what you should do instead.

Reality Blog: Turn the Killer Mastery Curve into a Fun Ski Slope

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | August 13, 2021

If you’ve been struggling with mastering anything, whether it’s your first copywriting course or your first major paycheck, having a process to keep going through the low points is essential.

How to Offer a Copywriting Package That’ll Sell Itself

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | August 12, 2021

Packages are all about simplifying your pitch, your process, and your price. When you put together a well-designed package, it will practically sell itself.

Reality Blog: How to Escape a Vampire Stampede

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | August 6, 2021

When you notice a developing trend, do you try to jump on board? See what a better, and more profitable, move is instead.

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