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How Web Copywriters Can Find Podcast Clients

By Will Newman | November 30, 2009

Podcast scriptwriting is a brand new format that holds great opportunities for anyone interested in writing for the web.

The Importance of Contracts to Smooth Customer Relations

By Will Newman | November 23, 2009

Deciding whether or not to use a formal freelance contract or work agreement is an important step for a freelance copywriter. Generally freelance contracts can help to keep everyone on a project happy in the event there’s a misunderstanding.

A Three-Step Process to Crafting Effective Email Subject Lines

By Will Newman | November 10, 2009

Find out how you can get past the three layers of scrutiny every email undergoes before getting read. Getting emails opened and read is about 90% of the battle today for online marketers. Will Newman, email pro gives you his three-step process for crafting effective email subject lines.

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