A Six-Month Roadmap to Becoming A Web Writer

In eight sessions of powerful video training, Joshua Boswell walks you through each step you need to take to launch your web-writing career, including recognizing and mastering the skills you need for success, locating clients who will value your services, and landing projects that will build your income.

Introduction: Begin your journey by meeting Joshua and finding out how he’s designed this tutorial with your maximum success in mind. Click here to get started.

Module 1: Joshua starts from scratch in this series, asking himself, “If I were starting out today, from scratch, what are the essential steps I’d need to take so I could start seeing results and have success in my life?”

The first step to your success as a web writer is discovering your purpose. Without a sense of purpose, you’ll be like a boat without a rudder, never really moving forward toward achieving what you desire. In this first series of videos, Joshua asks you key questions to uncover your purpose and how to achieve it. He helps you distill your understanding of what you want. And he gives you a way to devise a definitive, actionable game plan to achieve your wants. Click here to uncover your web-writing purpose.

Module 2: Once you know where you want to go, you have to set up daily routines to get there. During Module 2, Joshua takes a hard look at what you need to succeed in terms of time and money commitments, equipment, and space.

He’ll also provide you guidance toward developing daily routines that really work. To start building the positive habits that will make you a successful web writer, click here.

Module 3: You need three types of skills to succeed as a freelance web writer: copywriting skills, personal skills, and clerical skills.

Joshua takes an in-depth look at each, why they are important, and how you can strengthen the areas where you are weakest. To start sharpening your skills, click here.

Module 4: The first step to finding clients as a web writer is defining who you want to work with. You need to ask yourself several questions to zero in on a target audience that you will enjoy writing for and who will enjoy paying you for your work. Many web writers spin their wheels for years because they skip this process. But Joshua breaks it down into easy steps right here.

Module 5: One of the scariest things for a writer new to freelancing is approaching potential clients without any samples to show off your work capabilities. Joshua gives you a surefire way to skirt this fear, to develop strong relationships with your prospects and clients, and to land your first project fast. Find out what he recommends here.

Module 6: By this time, you’re ready to start approaching clients, landing projects, doing the work, and getting paid. In this module, Joshua takes a closer look at proven ways to approach prospects and turn them into paying clients. He explores attracting clients to you and using direct-response techniques to aggressively market yourself. Find out what he recommends when you watch the videos.

Module 7: In this final module, Joshua brings everything together in a step-by-step plan that you can implement during the next six months to successfully launch your freelance web-writing business … or take your existing business to new levels of success. Finish the tutorial now, and get started on your new path.

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