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This site is designed for those who want to leave their cubicles and build real, substantial, and profitable businesses from their skills and interests. This includes things like whether or not you should incorporate, how to manage your business finances, and how to outsource projects to subcontractors. When it comes to the details of running your business, check here first.

How to Beat Writer’s Block and Write, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

By Michele Peterson | April 24, 2019

These four strategies to beat writer’s block have proven effective for other writers. Give them a try and learn to write even when you don’t feel motivated

The Website Homepage — Practice Assignment Brief

By Wealthy Web Writer | April 23, 2019

A well-crafted website homepage does a lot of work in a little space. And in this new Practice Assignment, you can try your hand at writing a homepage using an assigned creative brief.

Member Update: Memorizing vs. Internalizing

By Heather Robson | April 15, 2019

When it comes to learning something new you have a choice between memorizing and internalizing. Here are four ways you can really internalize new information…

Hand selecting one wooden block

Does Google Want You to Choose a Niche?

By Heather Lloyd Martin | April 10, 2019

When it comes to ranking better in the search engines, creator reputation matters. That means your reputation as a writer can bring more work your way.

Monthly Member Update – At the Top of Your Game

By Wealthy Web Writer | April 5, 2019

Recorded – April 5, 2019: Staying at the top of your game means giving regular attention to the skills you offer to your clients. As a web writer, you need to continue to hone your writing and marketing skills.

Roving Report: Writing Success Story — Steve Maurer

By Susanna Perkins | April 5, 2019

Steve Maurer has an amazing and inspiring story to tell… one that is packed with good advice for any writer looking to launch or grow their web-writing business.

The Why, When, and How of Starting a Peer Group

By Tracy Clement Wilson | April 3, 2019

Whether you’re just launching your freelance web-writing business or you’ve been at this for a while, now is the perfect time for starting a peer group. Find out why… and how…

Roving Report: Email Lift Note Practice Assignment Review

By Susanna Perkins | April 2, 2019

Writing email lift notes is a good way to get started with new clients because it’s low risk and high value. They’re not sales letters, making it an easy yes for your client, but they do impact sales, which means they can pay better than other email projects.