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This site is designed for those who want to leave their cubicles and build real, substantial, and profitable businesses from their skills and interests. This includes things like whether or not you should incorporate, how to manage your business finances, and how to outsource projects to subcontractors. When it comes to the details of running your business, check here first.

Member Update: Letting Go of Perfectionism

By Heather Robson | July 26, 2021

Perfectionism is a that plagues a lot of writers. It can protect you from criticism… but it can also protect you from growth.

Marketing with a purpose requires planning

Reality Blog: Are You Trapped on a I’m-Never-Good-Enough Hamster Wheel?

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | July 23, 2021

Are you hard on yourself when you’ve fallen short of your goals? It’s easy to focus on what you haven’t done, while ignoring what you have. Easy, but unproductive…

3 Excellent Opportunities to Grow Your Writing Business When You Specialize in UX Copywriting

By Heather Robson | July 15, 2021

Live: July 22, 2021: Opportunities for UX copywriters are growing rapidly. Which makes sense… demand for this style of writing is rising fast, too. See what the buzz is all about.

3 Ways to Make Money From Your Blog

By Heather Robson | July 15, 2021

Recorded: July 15, 2021: Are you interested in blogging? What about making money from your blog? Join us to learn three money making strategies you can use to turn your blog into an income producer.

Could Packages Be the Right Pricing Solution for Your Copywriting Business?

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | July 14, 2021

When thinking about pricing your copywriting services, have you considered offering packages? Package pricing can elevate your value in your client’s eyes.

Young Woman Rock Climbing

Member Update – Unexpected Strength

By Heather Robson | July 13, 2021

Trying something new can bring home important writing and business lessons. Here are five gleaned from a first-time bouldering experience.

Reality Blog: How Long Does It Take to Make Money Copywriting?

By Suzanna Fitzgerald | July 9, 2021

How long does it take to make money copywriting? The answer to that question changes depending on how you look at it… see what a difference a mindset shift makes.

Facebook pen by laptop

Business Challenge: Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

By Rebekah Mays | July 7, 2021

Is your social media presence helping or hurting your web-writing business? Clean up your social media presence and make it easier for clients to hire you.

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