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This site is designed for those who want to leave their cubicles and build real, substantial, and profitable businesses from their skills and interests. This includes things like whether or not you should incorporate, how to manage your business finances, and how to outsource projects to subcontractors. When it comes to the details of running your business, check here first.

Roving Report: The Most Important Word an SEO Copywriter Can Know

By Susanna Perkins | March 27, 2020

When it comes to bringing more traffic to your site through search, understanding search intent is imperative. Find out what search intent is and how you can use it to write better content.

Reality Blog: Using Google My Business to Grow Traffic

By Andrew Murray | March 27, 2020

Google My Business (GMB) is the business profile you often see at the top of a Google search. Find out how you can use Google My Business to bring more traffic to your site or to your clients.

Roving Report: How to Build a Winning Swipe File

By Susanna Perkins | March 21, 2020

As a copywriter, you’ve probably heard about Swipe Files, a useful collection of copy that you study for ideas. A Swipe File is that — and so much more!

Member Update: Keeping Safe

By Heather Robson | March 16, 2020

Things are shifting rapidly in the world right now, and no doubt there are moments when it feels a little overwhelming. Heather Robson shares her take on keeping safe and staying well…

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Reality Blog: Chasing My Tail Like a Mad Dog with an Itch

By Andrew Murray | March 13, 2020

What do you do when one of your marketing strategies doesn’t seem to be working? Here, you’ll find some affiliate marketing troubleshooting in action… along with other income generating options in case affiliate marketing isn’t right for you.

Reality Blog: Growing Your Subscriber List… Lessons from an Antlion

By Andrew Murray | March 7, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to capture email addresses, consider a Yes/No popup as a way to ease readers into the subscription process. Here’s how it’s done…

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A Simple Mindset Shift That Will 10x Your Profitability

By Wealthy Web Writer | March 6, 2020

Live: March 10, 2020: If you want to craft a business that supports a 10-minute-workday lifestyle, the first step is to shift your mindset… and that’s exactly what Ben will talk about in this interview.

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Reality Blog: How an Obviously Flawed Plan Almost Derailed 3 Years of Hard Work

By Andrew Murray | February 28, 2020

Have you ever come up with a brilliant idea, gotten really excited about it… and then realized that the timing wasn’t right? Andrew Murray shares his own experience with a great idea that almost derailed his business.

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