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Looking for new clients? Want to help your existing clients with their online marketing?

In this section, we’ll provide you with useful tips on both how to market your own business and how you can provide added value to your clients … And, of course you know that added value means increased income!

Reality Blog: Teasing Out a Point of Difference in Your Product

By Andrew Murray | October 23, 2020

Finding a point of difference for what ever product you are trying to sell can attract more buyers and help you command a higher feel. See how this can work even when selling a used car…

Reality Blog: What’s the Purpose of Your Marketing Efforts

By Andrew Murray | October 9, 2020

Sometimes the biggest challenge in marketing your business is recognizing when you need to change your marketing purpose. As your business grows, your marketing needs will shift.

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Show Your Expertise With a “Curated” Newsletter

By Kimberly Weitkamp | September 30, 2020

Thinking of launching an email newsletter, but feel overwhelmed by the content creation you’ll need to do? Launch a curated newsletter instead.

5 Approaches to Writing a Reader-Focused Newsletter

By Rebekah Mays | September 2, 2020

Writing a reader-focused email newsletter can be a gamechanger (for you or your clients). It helps you connect with you audience and pulls in work.

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10 Ways to Make the Most Use of Downtime

By John Torre | August 27, 2020

If your work schedule is not as full as you like, you need to be proactive when it comes to using your downtime effectively. Use these ten ideas to grow your skills, build your reputation, and have a little fun.

10 Things You Should Know About Your Copywriting Prospects

By John Torre | August 20, 2020

If you want to connect with potential clients, you need to know some things about your copywriting prospects. Keep these things in mind for better results.

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Reality Blog: The Key to Pinterest Success and How to Achieve It

By Andrew Murray | August 14, 2020

Once you understand why people use Pinterest and how they use it, then you’re way ahead of the pack when it comes to attracting attention and traffic to your business.

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Is Guest Blogging a Good Strategy for Web Writers?

By Jen Phillips April | July 29, 2020

Guest blogging for web writers? Is it a strategy that makes sense? When you guest blog on other people’s platforms, you can accomplish two important goals.

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