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We’ve divided this general category into several subcategories to make your “Business life” a bit easier:

Business Basics: Learn about the things that enable you to effectively grow your business, increase your income, stay organized, and keep more of what you make in your pocket! That’s the basics of running a business, which is what you’ll be doing.

Getting Clients: Unless you’re simply building your own money-making web sites, you’ll probably want some clients to pay your way through your web copywriting life. In this category, we provide you with tips, ideas, and suggestions on how to go out there and get the best, highest paying, and most appreciative clients.

Marketing: Unlike the “Getting Clients” category, this section is more about the art and practice of marketing. We’ll provide you with ideas on how you can promote your own business to a wider audience, and give you ways that you can add value to your clients and earn a higher income by offering more services.

Working With Clients: Once you’ve got some clients to work with, what do you do next? Here, we’ll give you a hand with things like contracts, negotiation, and up-selling your services so that you can easily turn a $2,000 project into a $20,000 project!

SEO Keyword Analysis & Optimization

By Wealthy Web Writer | September 23, 2010

Recorded: September 23th, 2010
Search Engine Optimization is the act of making your website more accessible and appealing to search engines. Knowing the basics of SEO is the first step in making your site search engine friendly. Join Ian Shiell as he discusses a number of onsite SEO techniques and tips that will help you improve your search engine ranking.

How to Engage and Keep Customers That Visit Your Site

By John Torre | September 21, 2010

The cost of attracting visitors with purchase intent to your website is becoming increasingly more expensive and complex. The same holds true for keeping them engaged, which is more important than ever. Discover seven ways you can make any site you work on more appealing and engaging. Do these things and you’ll increase traffic and get visitors to stick around and make purchases.

10 Ways to Get Ideas For Your Blog

By Christina Gillick | September 20, 2010

I’m sure you’ve heard the best way to increase organic (i.e., free) traffic to your Money-Making Website or blog is by posting often. But, one of the hardest things about writing often is coming up with fresh, new ideas … And, it always seems like the harder you struggle to come up with something amazing to write, the less inspired you feel. Use these 10 ideas to guarantee you never feel uninspired again!

Create an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Money-Making Website

By Jen Phillips April | September 17, 2010

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to add an income stream to your Money-Making Website. You’ve already defined your niche. You have some keywords you’ve written about. And, you may have come across a product that fits well with your site. If so, you just have to sign up as an affiliate and start promoting, right?

Best Practices in Social Media: How to QUICKLY Grow Your Profit Potential and Improve Your Reputation

By Mindy Tyson McHorse | September 15, 2010

Recorded: September 15th, 2010
Want more clients? Hoping to build your reputation as an authority? Social media is one of the quickest avenues to both goals. Join Mindy Tyson-McHorse as she walks you through the best practices in social media, gleaned from the most revered social media experts of our day

The Pitfalls of Accidental Marketing

By John Torre | September 15, 2010

Are you an intentional marketer or an accidental marketer? Find out what the difference is and how you can market your business and your clients’ businesses with purpose. Discover the hallmarks of an intentional marketer and how being one can help you become a more successful wealthy web writer.

Main Street Money Machines: How to Reap Heaps of Profit from Local Businesses Using Your Autoresponder Copywriting Talents

By Susanna Perkins | September 13, 2010

Jay White takes a second look at writing autoresponders for local businesses and gives you two strategies for building a nice income with this strategy. Inside, find the highlights of his webinar, “Main Street Money Machines: How to Reap Heaps of Profit from Local Businesses Using Your Autoresponder Copywriting Talents.”

Thriving in the Copywriting Project Triangle

By Kristina Stiffler | September 10, 2010

Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Copywriting Project Triangle can create problems for copywriting projects. A mismanaged triangle can even cause them to disappear! To keep things running smoothly, you have to manage the triangle so you can thrive … and crank out work your clients will love. Discover the secrets to balancing schedule, scope and cost for better results and happier clients.

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