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We’ve divided this general category into several subcategories to make your “Business life” a bit easier:

Business Basics: Learn about the things that enable you to effectively grow your business, increase your income, stay organized, and keep more of what you make in your pocket! That’s the basics of running a business, which is what you’ll be doing.

Getting Clients: Unless you’re simply building your own money-making web sites, you’ll probably want some clients to pay your way through your web copywriting life. In this category, we provide you with tips, ideas, and suggestions on how to go out there and get the best, highest paying, and most appreciative clients.

Marketing: Unlike the “Getting Clients” category, this section is more about the art and practice of marketing. We’ll provide you with ideas on how you can promote your own business to a wider audience, and give you ways that you can add value to your clients and earn a higher income by offering more services.

Working With Clients: Once you’ve got some clients to work with, what do you do next? Here, we’ll give you a hand with things like contracts, negotiation, and up-selling your services so that you can easily turn a $2,000 project into a $20,000 project!

Web Builder, Web Master, AND Web Writer

By Katherine Andes | April 5, 2010

There is no reason that as a web copywriter, you can’t also be a web master too. Find out how you can add value to your copywriting clients and increase your web fees.

How to Be Yourself, Stand Above the Crowd, And Attract New Business Like Bears to Honey

By Wealthy Web Writer | March 26, 2010

Recorded: March 26th, 2010
Sid Smith will talk with Johnny Truant about his story of going from not making a penny online a year ago to now seeing a few five-figure months in his business. We’ll discuss what worked for him, and what didn’t. We’ll discover how he managed to throw away the chains of “supposed to” and simply have fun on the way to building a profitable business.

How Much to Charge for Web Copy Projects

By Rebecca Matter | March 24, 2010

Rebecca Matter tackles the one question that always gets asked, and never gets answered: “How much should I charge for my web copywriting services?: Find out if your under charging for your services by reviewing her handy dandy pricing guide.

The Simplest Formula For Web Profits

By Roy Furr | March 24, 2010

Online marketing is not complicated … although there are alot of marketers and “experts” out there who do their best to make it seem complicated. Roy Furr strips down the nonsense, and gives you a simple forumula you can use to get your clients better results online AND command higher fees as a web writer.

Land New Clients with Gentle Persuasion

By Eddie Adelman | March 23, 2010

You’ve just gotten a great referral to contact a potential new client. It’s in a niche you’re very comfortable with and it’s a great opportunity for decent money. You send out a great proposal… and then you wait. And wait. What’s your next step when a hot prospect goes suddenly cold?

How to instantly become more efficient and productive when dealing with your prospects and clients: A review of four popular CRM options.

By John Wood | March 23, 2010

To be a successful freelance, being organized is essential. The right customer relationship management program can help you become more organized and productive and may even land you more projects. John Wood reviews four options.

Can You Optimize Our Website for the Search Engines

By Sid Smith | March 18, 2010

SEO Copywriting is an important and lucrative niche. Sid Smith shows you the basic ropes of writing good SEO copy and on-site and off-site optimization techniques, and how to communicate the importance of what you do to your clients.

Using Video to Get Clients, Part 3 – How to Use Videos to Promote Yourself

By Wealthy Web Writer | March 18, 2010

Recorded: March 18th, 2010
Jessica Kizorek reveals her best-kept secrets in session three of her three-part webinar series including script writing secrets, where to post your videos to get premium viewing, and how to drive traffic to your website. Plus, Jessica will provide live critiques of new videos created by Wealthy Web Writer members!

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